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Rissa’s First Time Trick-or-Treating [Video] #Halloween

Being a Halloween baby, you might be surprised to know that this is Rissa’s first year actually going trick or treating. Sure, I dressed her up as an adorable little pumpkin last year, but we didn’t go out and get candy. This year though, she got all dressed up as her favorite


Someone Tried to Steal My Info Once {LifeLock Giveaway}

A few years ago we thought it was odd that I was missing a piece of mail from the state. It wasn’t required for me to file my taxes, but it was sent out during tax season. Brian received his, but I didn’t receive mine. We didn’t think too much about it


WW: Happy 2nd Birthday, Rissa!

I can’t believe my little girl is now 2 years old! I gave her Dr. Suess’s Happy Birthday to You book with a special message from mom and dad inside. She had a Halloween/Yo Gabba Gabba party so I made her a Brobee cake (which she absolutely loved). Here’s to many more


Behind the Scenes of ‘Secret of the Wings’ at DisneyToon Studios

I can hardly believe it was only two months ago that I was in Los Angeles. That month was jam packed with traveling and exciting opportunities that it feels like it was so long ago already. The whole experience was absolutely amazing and a real treat. I love being able to share


My 13 Top Scary Halloween Movies

I love Halloween and actually like scary movies. I don’t care for movies that are just gory for the sake of being gory though (like all those Saw sequels). The ones that get me the most are more psychological thrillers. Some of these movies terrify me, but I’ll watch them anyway! And


Preserving Memories With Seagate Backup Plus

Backing up your data is always a good idea, especially things like your digital photos, purchased music, or documents. I think it’s even more important these days since our lives have gone so digital. We take a lot of pictures with our cameras, we purchase music and movies digitally, and we scan


DUB Garage Blazerz Cars Are Not Just For Little Boys

I try not to limit what types of toys my daughter plays with just because she’s a girl. Sometimes it’s hard because it just seems like she should have dolls and girly things. However, we do let her wander the toy aisles to check everything out and show us what she is


Moxie Girlz, Novi Stars, Bratzilla & Bratz Fashion Boutique Giveaway! (US) 11/13/12

I’m sure many of you have little girls on your holiday shopping lists. If so, then this giveaway is definitely for you! Over the past couple of weeks we’ve shared our thoughts on several new fashion doll lines and now we are giving one away from each line. Each of these dolls


Glittery Glam From Out of This World: The Novi Stars Una Verse Doll

Who says aliens have to be scary? Why can’t they be cute and fashionable? Well, now they can be with the new Novi Stars line of fashion dolls! I’ve always had this sort of strange fascination with aliens, but they are usually portrayed as looking somewhat creepy to downright scary. I never


My Countdown to Baby #2 Checklist

You’d think I’d be ultra prepared for a second child, right? Since Rissa was born 10 days before her due date, I pretty much am looking at baby boy’s arrival being between 38-40 weeks. That’s only 4-6 weeks left! Now… Don’t laugh, but I made this list over a month ago and I

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