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Pregnancy Journal: 32 Weeks!

As we get into the final weeks, I get poked and prodded even more due to being “high risk” thanks to my gestational diabetes.


Even my daughter wants to check on the baby! I can’t count on her stethoscope though unless I want to believe we really are hearing frogs in there.

I keep trying to tell myself we have time yet. Time for this, that and the other thing, but truth is…we are quickly running out if time. I’ve managed to keep my calendar busy between now and baby’s arrival too. Why? I don’t know!

Okay part of the busy-ness is not my doing… I have to go into the doctor more frequently to monitor him due to the GD. Then there’s Rissa’s birthday coming up and a conference…a toy fair…Thanksgiving….

I have to remind myself that he could be here in about 6-8 weeks. That’s really not that far away!

There’s still work to be done in the nursery and I can’t help but wonder if Rissa is going to wean from nursing or not. I can’t believe she hasn’t yet!

It’s going to be exhausting having him right in the midst of the holiday season, but I think it’s actually a good thing. This way Rissa should still get plenty of attention from extended family and not feel so put out of place by the baby, right? I hope so…


Tuesday 16th of October 2012

congrats on your little one (new to your blog) - it's exciting but overwhelming to have a holiday baby, isn't it? but i think it's really sweet that you've got a lot of extended family who will be able to help out. :)


Friday 19th of October 2012

It is a big mix of emotions for sure especially since he'll be arriving about a month after his big sister's bday. But yes, it will be nice to visit with extended family and allow them to entertain and give my daughter attention so she doesn't feel so jealous about the baby getting all the attention!