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Pretend Play with Lalaloopsy Littles Sew Cute Patient

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lalaloopsy littles sew cute patient

My daughter’s Lalaloopsy doll collection continues to grow with the addition of the new Lalaloopsy Littles Sew Cute Patient named Stumbles Bumps ‘n Bruises. She’s the sister of Rosy Bumps ‘n Bruises and made from a nurses uniform. Stumbles is a bit more clumsy, but she’s very good about letting others patch her up! Rissa continues to engage in more pretend play with her toys by having them act things out (especially dancing!) and feeding them. I knew she’d love the Sew Cute Patient set too.

Since Rissa has been attending a lot of my OB appointments with me, she’s gotten quite familiar with seeing a stethoscope in use. When she saw the one included with Stumbles, she right away talked about the “doctor make all better.”  It makes silly sounds, which she loves to press over and over again while wearing the stethoscope around her neck. She uses it to check on all her favorite toys and to check on the baby… she holds that stethoscope right up to my baby bump!

Stumbles is a smaller version of the very popular Lalaloopsy dolls and sits up better since her head isn’t so top heavy. It also makes her perfect for little arms to carry her around. She comes dressed in a robe with a removable bunny slipper and leg cast. She also has a couple owies on her face that can be healed by wetting the special heart bandage with warm water. (Though if your hands are warm you can make the owies disappear by rubbing and touching them too since they are heat sensitive.)

Also included in a pet teddy bear who’s seen better days, a medicine bottle and a sippy cup with “disappearing” milk. My daughter loves offering the milk cup and watching it disappear. She even pretends to drink it herself. The little bear comes apart very easily and has lots of small pieces: arms, legs, ear, and little button eyes all come off. While this set is recommended for ages 4+, I do let my 2 year old play with the doll. The bear is under strict supervision due to the small pieces… which she’s managed to lose half of already!

It’s fun watching Rissa engage in a new type of pretend play with the Lalaloopsy Littles Sew Cute Patient!

What’s your child’s favorite type of pretend play?


Disclosure: We received this product for review purposes. We’ve received other Lalaloopsy dolls and bought some too – we love ’em!

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