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Dear Mom, I’m Sorry #PutYourHeartToPaper

This is a sponsored conversation challenging me to think beyond a simple “I love you” for Mother’s Day. So, I sat down to think about my relationship with my mom and want to share my thoughts with you. Dear Mom, First of all, I want to apologize. Only now do I realize


The Progression of a Sibling Relationship

Despite being amazed at how fast Aerissa and Xander are growing, I’m most fascinated by their evolving relationship. When Xander was a little baby, Rissa was a doting and overly loving big sister. She was always curious what the baby was doing and wanted to help. At times she’d be jealous of


The Truth About My Parenting & Blogging Resolutions

For years I touted how I don’t make resolutions. Most don’t work, so goals are the way to go. Thing is, I’ve been pretty sucky at sticking with a lot of my goals like getting healthy and not yelling. But that doesn’t mean I’m giving up. Instead, I need to be more


Sponsored: Keeping in Touch With Long Distance Grandparents

Sometimes it is hard to live miles away from your family. I admit to preferring where I live now to where I grew up, but I wish my parents were close by. There’s one house about a block away that reminds Rissa of my parents’ house for some reason. For over a


10 Things You Don’t Say to a Father of 533 Kids [DELIVERY MAN Exclusive Trailer!] #DeliveryManMovie

Family is interesting. In a way we can’t choose them, yet we can. Family runs deeper than blood, and sometimes… life serves it to you in the most unexpected way. Brian has shared a little with you about becoming a father of not just one child, but two. That’s nothing compared to


Sponsored: Keeping in Touch With Skype

Growing up I often felt disconnected to family members who lived hundreds of miles away. Each visit with them would start out awkward, but end up magical. We’d part with beautiful memories until the next time. Sometimes I’d write letters or call, but it wasn’t the same. The enthusiasm faded away as


Dance With Me Daddy

Every time I hear the song “Summertime Blues” fond memories of dancing with my dad come to mind. The chink of the quarter dropping into the jukebox. Pressing the familiar buttons, queuing up the song. As the first notes hit the speakers he’d take my little hand in his, guiding me along. Twisting,


Laughs and Lessons in Parental Guidance [Movie]

We recently enjoyed a family movie night with a review copy of Parental Guidance (which is rated PG) while visiting my parents for the weekend. So there we were, modern parents with grandparents watching this family comedy together. The “Other” Grandparents In Parental Guidance, Alice (Marisa Tomei) and her husband Phil need to go


5 Random Family Facts

I’ve shared tidbits about me (and my family) all over his blog, there’s still more for you to learn about us. You already know the coolest fact which is Brian and I share the same birthday, but I have more fun things to share… Not that we are the most fascinating people


Making Fitness a Family Affair

Last week was a rough week. I had a couple challenging days with the kids which led to a skipped workout and some comfort eating. I skipped a second workout at the end of the week due to exhaustion. I literally could not keep my eyes open on Saturday evening so we

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