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How You Can Help Another Woman be Brave #BraveWoman #CBias

So here we are, in the new year. Whether you were brave or not in 2011, you can be brave in 2012. And if you were brave in 2011, you can pledge to help someone else be brave this year. Last month I shared a poem with you about a brave woman. One who finally sought the courage to leave her situation. Did it help that someone told her it wasn’t right that she was beaten and abused? Maybe, maybe not, but it didn’t hurt to speak out.

Ways to Help Brave Women

I pledge to honor and respect brave women and children who tackle the difficult journey of change from domestic violence to a new life. I acknowledge my own moment-by-moment bravery, will remain aware of what is happening to others around me, and speak up against violence in any form. I will stand up for human dignity and safety for women and children.

  • Know the National Domestic Violence Hotline number (1-800-799-7233)
  • Encourage women to be brave
  • Donate to a local domestic violence shelter
  • Share information about Domestic Violence Awareness
  • Share resources
  • Donate old cell phones to domestic violence shelters
  • Speak up about what you have observed or are aware of (but do so safely such as privately with her rather than confronting her abuser)
  • Call the police to report incidents
  • Advocate

I have been meaning to donate a few old cell phones so that brave women and children can have them to call 911 in an emergency and need to stop putting it off. My excuse is always about my personal data needs to be removed, but it can be done if I just do it. I already took the pledge and I’m helping to spread the word. I recently donated items to a local shelter and plan to do so each year. I need to put the hotline number in my phone so I always have it to reference and/or call if someone needs it.

We have to help stop the cycle of violence. Sometimes that starts with us being brave for someone else.

Find out more information and conversation at, Brave Woman on Facebook, and on Twitter@Brave_Woman. You can also find others by searching for #BraveWoman on Twitter.


Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. Regardless, I believe this is a worthy cause and want to share this with you. #CBias

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Destiny Swan

Sunday 8th of January 2012

wonderful post


Sunday 8th of January 2012

Great ideas for additional ways to support the Brave Woman campaign and reach out to those in need! Thank you for sharing and spreading the word!

Amy @ Coffee With the Mrs.

Friday 6th of January 2012

I love your idea to keep the hotline number in your phone. I'm going to do that too. You just never know when you'll meet someone who needs help.


Thursday 5th of January 2012

I love how you made such a concise list of ways to help! I am printing this out. Thank you. We can make a difference!


Friday 6th of January 2012

Thanks! I wanted to do more than just ask people to help. I think more will if they know how!

Sylvia Ortiz

Thursday 5th of January 2012

Great post! Thank you..