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Dance With Me Daddy

Every time I hear the song “Summertime Blues” fond memories of dancing with my dad come to mind.

The chink of the quarter dropping into the jukebox. Pressing the familiar buttons, queuing up the song. As the first notes hit the speakers he’d take my little hand in his, guiding me along. Twisting, twirling, be-boppin’ along.

It’s no wonder I looked forward to our Father-Daughter dance at my wedding, though we danced to “Butterfly Kisses” instead. A song that almost always makes me cry, yet my dad made me laugh.

darcy n dad collage

Throughout my life, my dad has been my rock. Always accepting and encouraging me. Cheering me on when things went well, comforting me when they did not.

And when I hear my daughter say, “dance with me daddy” I can’t help but smile, knowing the memories she is creating with her dad. A man just as special as my own father.

Take my hand Daddy, so I can walk like you.

Take my hand Daddy, so I can follow you.

Take my hand Daddy, so I can dance with you.

Time to let go of my hand Daddy, so I can say… ‘I do.’