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Blessed by Safe Natural Birth

In some parts of the world, childbirth is still a scary process and baby's birth day may also be their only day on this Earth. In a world where there are still dangerous places to give birth, I'm thankful for having safe deliveries of my own. No matter how frustrated I become


Pregnancy Journal: Due Date Edition

Today I am officially 40 weeks preggers. It is baby boy's due date…a date I didn't think I'd reach with him still inside. Only like 3-5% of babies are born ON their due dates, but I seriously thought I'd be home with him by now! This belly is heavy. This is the


Pregnancy Journal: 39 Weeks and STILL Pregnant

When one of my pregnancy apps congratulated me on reaching my 39th week of pregnancy on Thursday, I was surprised. When I opened it up to read about “this week in pregnancy” and it said You are probably feeling eager, anxious and restless I was like… um YES! HOW DID YOU KNOW?


Is Rissa Ready for a New Sibling? [Video]

Later I'll share more about how we helped prepare our toddler for a new sibling, but right now I want to focus on her thoughts as we get closer to the arrival of the new baby. Overall, Rissa has seemed open to the idea of a new baby. She loves babies (especially


My Hospital Bag is Packed!

After enough hemming and hawing and slacking off, I finally finished packing my hospital bag last week. I had it mostly packed for about a week prior, but put the last few items in at the end of last week. I thought I might go into labor by now, so I felt


Pregnancy Journal: 38 Weeks and waiting…

It's time for the waiting game now that I'm 38 weeks and 2 days along. Baby boy was considered at full term last week, but now we are getting into the normal birth range.. and closer to the timing if when I had Rissa (in terms of gestational age). He can really


Pregnancy Journal: 37 Weeks, A Birth Plan, and a Doula, Oh My!

Wow, here we are at 37 weeks. We are nearing the end of my pregnancy, my friends. At this point baby could literally come at any time. Never know what pregnancy journal will be my last! We just got a DSLR camera so you'll start to see better quality pics around here.


A Letter to Baby #2

Dear Baby Z, I'm sorry we haven't gotten much time to just sit and chat. It was something I was able to do with your sister each day as I drove to work, but you and I haven't had much alone time. It almost seems unfair that you'll never get the experience


Get More Comfy With the Utterly Yours Pregnancy Pillow

If there's one thing pregnancy can guarantee it's a change in your sleep. Before having my daughter, I was a stomach sleeper. Occasionally I'd be on my side, but never my back. Once she was conceived though it was too uncomfortable to sleep on my tummy. Between sore breasts and a growing


Pregnancy Journal: 36 Weeks and Starting to Make Progress!

At the end I'm finally getting a D belly! I've always wanted that basketball look. And wow I barely fit against that chunk of wall anymore LOL! Things are moving and shaking as we approach the due date. I certainly can't sit or lay down very easily without wondering if I'll be