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Pregnancy Facts Nobody Tells You

Let's get real. There are some yucky Pregnancy Facts Nobody Tells You! You often hear pregnancy referred to as “a magical time” – and it totally is! What you might not know, however, is that there are some uncomfortable, unpleasant, and downright nasty details most women face during pregnancy that is talked


The Ultimate List of Books & Resources for Natural Childbirth

Are you planning a natural birth and want more information about natural childbirth? Then you have come to the right place. First, I would like to point out that I support all moms, regardless of how they give birth. I know many women seek information on childbirth and ultimately I want to help


Printable Pregnancy Tracker Signs

Looking back, I wish I had been diligent to use a Pregnancy Tracker in pictures throughout both of my pregnancies. These fun Printable Pregnancy Tracker Signs are a perfect for holding up or attaching to your shirt for regular baby bump photo opportunities from 8 weeks through 42 weeks. You'll see how your


How Many Did You Have? 10 Most Common Pregnancy Cravings

Have you wondered if the weird pregnancy cravings shown in movies are a myth, like pickles with ice cream? Many pregnant women report experiencing food cravings. Pregnancy food cravings differ from regular food cravings because they are much more intense. It’s unlike any food craving I’ve ever had before. Though I never combined


5 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Are you looking for unique baby shower gift ideas? I absolutely love finding the perfect gift for someone and seeing how delighted they are, especially when it is an uncommon gift. When it comes to picking out presents, it truly is the thought that counts, but it feels wonderful to give someone


5 Financial Tips For Having A Second Baby

If you are thinking about having a second baby, there are some financial tips we have you may wish to consider. There is no doubt that a second baby is a wonderful experience for your family, but if your finances are rocky you may need to make some considerations before taking that


The Best Part About Baby Showers

This is a sponsored story. The best part about baby showers is celebrating a baby. Forget the gifts and sweets for a moment. After trying to conceive for three years, having a baby shower for Rissa  meant so much to me. It meant she was finally coming to join us. Then it


Growing Up Through Infertility and Loss

 I asked Maria if she would share a story with you for Fertility Awareness Month. The Reality I grew up knowing that I would have problems conceiving a baby, because I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). I grew up knowing that I had to find a special person to accept that fact


An Amazing Twin Birth Story – Part 2

This twin birth story continues from last week, where we learned about Erin's first born's natural birth and her twin pregnancy.  The induction discussion I was so big at this point (measuring 46 weeks at 37 weeks) that Baby A’s head was in front of my cervix instead of over it and


An Amazing Twin Birth Story – Part 1

This twin birth story comes from one of our readers, Erin B., a mother of 4. She was always so encouraging when I posted about my pregnancy on our Facebook page, especially when I was considering a doula. After she shared her story with me, I thought the rest of you would