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The True Tales From the Nursery Blog Birth Story

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I’ve shared before about why I started Tales From the Nursery and how I came up with the name, but up until now, I’ve left out the real driving force behind why I started it. It’s nothing bad (how could starting this blog be bad?), but I want to share it with you. Plus, I owe an answer to Callista’s Ramblings where I was tagged to talk about the birth of my blog.

Which, I assure you, is completely different than my daughter’s birth story.

Before I got pregnant with my daughter, I worked full-time and loved to game in my free time. I loved to game so much that Brian and I maintained a gaming blog where we talked about what we were playing and silly stories about things that happened in game. I even wrote fan fiction stories and was all girl geek to the nth degree. We also went to TONS of concerts.

Mmm yeah, loved the thump of the bass vibrating my rib cage as I head banged and (un)gracefully dodged mosh pits.

I used to write about those sometimes too. (It’s like reviewing and oversharing is in my blood.)

Then… I got pregnant. It was a super exciting time for me = for us. I shared a little bit of it on our gaming blog. I mean, our readers and friends were happy for us, but they didn’t want to read too much about it… not when they cared about beating the next raid boss or what happened next in my fanfic story (that I never finished).

That was okay though. I mean, I had the urge to talk about weird pregnancy dreams, leaky boobs, and crotch lightening bolts, but it didn’t belong on the gaming blog. At that time, I began frequenting birth boards to “get it out” of my system.

Then… I got gestational diabetes. That was the last straw,  I needed an outlet because there was so much to process. I felt alone and like I did something wrong to have it… not to mention I continuously encountered people who were misinformed about it (and not always in a nice way if you know what I mean). That became the driving force to start a public blog (I had a private family only place for a short while to share my preggo talk with). I wanted to connect with other GD moms and maybe help someone else.

Except, I barely wrote about it. I’m not sure why I put it off so much. It was really emotional for me for reasons I can’t explain, but I’m very passionate about the need to be screened for it and being honest about your numbers with your medical team. (Birth boards are full of people trying to “cheat” their way through it!)

I continued to write anyway, but sporadically. Some of the earlier posts are bo-oring since it wasn’t really meant for a universal audience – just sharing random crap with my family. (Like baby shower gifts… who needs to see pictures of every outfit we received?!)  Then after Rissa came and I started to feel quasi-human again, I started to share my life again. Then I discovered the world of reviews and giveaways and the blog really took off.

But here we are, full circle again. Just as I’m wrestling with my blog identity and where I want to go with it… I’m pregnant with gestational diabetes again. As I work to bring more personal content back to the blog, I must blog about GD this time. I mean, how can I avoid it a second time? Especially when someone might feel as lost as I did two years ago and be searching for support and guidance?

Do you have any questions about gestational diabetes, pregnancy or my blog? Leave a comment below!

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