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Vizardz 2.5D Photo Lighted Ornament Review

I previously shared with you my review of the Vizardz Light Box (and gave one away!) which I love. It has captured a favorite photograph of my daughter that I will treasure forever. Now I want to share with you another one of their products: lighted ornaments! These aren’t just for the


My Daughter has Been Captured in Clay! {Review}

There are some really cool gift ideas out there that are perfect for holiday, birthday, and Mother’s Day gifts. Oh and they are great for the grandparents too! What on earth could I be referring to? Well, it’s a special momento. One that can be cherished simply because it reminds you of


Thomas & Friends – Rescue on the Rails & New 6 DVD Collection Set Review

Kids love trains, especially Thomas & Friends, which is very popular with the preschool aged crowd. Though there are fans of all ages! There is a new DVD out called Rescue on the Rails which was released earlier this December and they have a 6 DVD set out! Rescue on the Rails


Dr. Sears Family Essentials Review & Giveaway (US) 1/13 closed

Dr. Sears has a line of supplements, healthy snacks, baby care, etc. I had no idea they offered so many things. I’ve utilized Dr. Sears website for baby information and I have a medical reference book that I look at too. I was interested in trying out some of their products so


Why You Should Set Goals Not Resolutions for 2012

As 2011 comes to a close, I’m looking at 2012 with cautious hope. I hear lots of people say they want it to be “a better year” but what does that really mean? Better finances? Health? Sleep? It’s too vague in my opinion and will likely keep them wanting. How can it


Initial Impressions | 2012 Kia Sorento Review

Earlier in December I was provided with a unique opportunity to test out the new 2012 Kia Sorento. I was able to use it as though it was our family car for nearly two weeks. I have a lot that I want to share with you about this vehicle so there will


Toddler Food Review | Gerber Graduates Lil Entrees

One way I know my baby is growing up is by the food she eats. While she still nurses, her diet is full of solid foods at every meal. While I do my best to feed her what we are eating, I’m not always able to do that. If I’m in a


World’s Best Cat Litter Review

I love our kitties, I really do, but 3 can make the house a bit stinky. We have tried a few different cat litters over the years. I used to think it didn’t matter what was in the box, but my cats have taught me that they have preferences! One of our


Bathroom Reading | Chilling Tales From the Porcelain Seat {Review}

Do you keep bathroom reading material near your toilet? Do you know someone that does? If so, you might be interested in getting Chilling Rales from the Porcelain Seat.. Its a collection of plumbing horror stories and tips for keeping those pipes clean. It’s a short read and perfect for flipping through


December Follow Frenzy $160 Cash/Amazon (WW) 12/30-1/1 closed

Welcome to December Follow Frenzy! hosted by Formula Mom & Tales from the Nursery! Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to be more wealthy? Maybe it’s to win more giveaways? No matter what your resolution(s) may be, we hope this prize can help you ring in 2012 with good luck! Follow

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