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Holiday Gift Ideas: Marvel Comic 4GB USB Drive

20111220-222455.jpgNeed a stocking stuffer under $25 for a comic fan? You’ll want to get the one of these babies then! The Marvel Universe 4GB USB flash drives by Dane-Elec are pretty hot items right now! If you are going to get a flash drive it might as well be FUN, right?! We received Wolverine (my favorite X-Men!) and I am gifting this to my hubby (shh!) since he could use a new USB drive.

I also know a couple friends who these would be perfect for!! The figurine isn’t necessarily the most practical for traveling around with the drive, but it’s a nifty way to store it (and maybe hide it?). The USB drive is kept in the bottom of the figurine (Wolverine will protect those files!) and works like most other USB drives do. 4GB holds a decent amount too.

These are pretty good replica figurines – there are a few different classic heroes in this line. Besides the drive there are some pretty awesome perks for comic fans such as One month subscription to Marvel Digital Comics -where there are 10,000 comics online, a huge Marvel Comics cover gallery, exclusive Marvel wallpapers, and desktop icons.

The bonus content along with the drive is a great deal for under $25 (I’ve seen it listed for anywhere between $17 to $24.99!)


Wednesday 21st of December 2011

That's a flash drive? Really? Cool. The only problem would be if you needed to plug it in the back of your machine, where other cords might be in the way.

Ashley S

Wednesday 21st of December 2011

What a fun and funky USB drive! I have a cousin who loves Marvel. This would be a great gift for him. Thanks for sharing :)