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20 More Spooky Cookies & Halloween Food Ideas

Halloween Food Ideas like these cookies are perfect for helping you plan a Halloween party or simply have something fun on hand for your kids and family to enjoy together. This post contains affiliate links. 20 Spooky Cookies & Halloween Food Ideas These delicious Halloween food ideas are ideal for your next


Easy Christmas S’mores Recipe

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Holiday baking can be fun, messy, and time consuming. As much as I love making cookies, it takes over my kitchen completely. Sometimes, I’d rather make quick and easy holiday desserts, like Christmas S’mores, especially when I can enlist the kids’ help. (I’m serious, I’m working on letting


Naughty or Nice, Family Traditions & More – It’s a BabyZone Round Up!

Taking a break from last minute shopping and present wrapping? Here are a few posts you may have missed over the past week over at BabyZone. We do Santa, but don’t focus on the nice list There are several ways to approach the whole Santa business, from not including him in your


Staying Grateful When Life Feels Like It’s Falling Apart

First world problems or not, this week feels like things are going to hell in a hand basket. When multiple things happen in a short period of time it’s easy to get sucked into the dark hole of sucky-ness. But I do have things to be thankful for…. and I’m trying to


How My Kids Helped Change My View of Christmas

Do you remember how I shared last year that the holiday season has been tough for me emotionally over the years? Throughout my life I’ve lost several family members around this time of year and last year my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Not fun stuff, I assure you. (Though good


10 Funny Christmas Movies

There are lots of Christmas themed movies, some are funny and others are tear jerkers. We are big fans of comedies so we tend to prefer funny Christmas movies. Here are some of our favorites: 10 Funny Holiday Movies This post contains affiliate links. 1 – Elf – Will Farrell dressed as


Bringing the Family Together #GlobieFamily

We know in our hearts that the holidays are about family and spending time together, but it is easy to get caught up in the hype of shopping and presents. For me it’s been a real blessing this year having my son this month – it’s given us more quality family time


5 Holiday Travel Safety Tips #LifeLock

Many of you may be planning to travel over the next few days if you haven’t hit the road already. I know the holidays mean more running around for us as we try to see as many family members as possible…some we only see this time of year. Between shopping and visiting,


Find the Perfect Toy to Gift From PlaySkool #thisskoolrocks

I tend to think I’m a pretty good judge of what my daughter likes and doesn’t like, but occasionally she surprises me. Lately she has become more interested in pretend play and toys that fit well into this. While I may have a general idea of what to shop for, I know


Are You Part of the Donate Movement?

The holidays can be stressful for many families, especially in hard economic times. I’ve shared before that my family struggled as I was growing up. There were many times that the generosity of others made a big difference for us. From donated clothing and toys to the food pantry. I even received