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Dressing Up For Easter {Costume Review}

We don’t normally send out Easter cards. It just isn’t one of those things my husband and I normally do; however, this year, I kind of wanted to send out Easter pictures of Rissa. Since she grows so fast, I’m trying to remember that buying fancy dresses aren’t a wise choice right now (at least not when they are full price, ha!).

My sister had given me a cute bunny outfit with some other baby clothes that were donated to me, but I didn’t want to dress Rissa up like a bunny. I wanted to do something that fit Easter but was a little different. When I received the opportunity to review a costume from the Costume Supercenter, I couldn’t believe the great timing!

There are so many choices that I already started to browse for a Halloween costume for Rissa! But, I had to focus on now… so I decided upon the Pink Lamb Costume.

Isn’t it adorable? (Cat not included.)

I was pleased with how quickly it arrived. The material was soft and there’s an inner layer that seems to help let the costume breathe which was a little scratchier feeling. I got the 6-12 month size since Rissa is almost too long for 3-6 already. Since she’s a skinny minnie I was able to fit it over her clothes. I fit it over a onesie, pants and a bib and it fit fine. I liked that because then I didn’t have to worry about how it felt against her skin (or the extra wrestling). There is plenty of room for her to grow into it yet, since there was a lot of room at her feet.

Honestly, I was a bit concerned about picking out a footed costume due to her height, but it worked out fine. The head piece goes on like a hat with some velcro under the chin. I also loved the velcro opening in the legs for diaper changing! I actually didn’t realize it was there until after I had gotten her dressed in the lamb costume. Definitely a plus!

Brian teased me about dressing up our daughter. I reminded him that is what mother’s do: we dress up our babies and take pictures because soon they won’t let us dress them at all! He also said it reminded him of Ralphie from A Christmas Story, but she was having way more fun. Trust me!

Next time you need a costume, keep the Costume Supercenter in mind for you and the kids! Even if you have a teeny tiny one, you can still find great infant costumes. They are seriously too cute! My sister-in-law is due around September, so I hope she’ll want one of these:

Conclusion: I really want to get another costume from the Costume Supercenter in the future!


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Tuesday 3rd of May 2011

OMG! She looks so cute. In fact, I just said that so loud that a few others in the house had to come see what I was looking at.

I will have to go look to see what other costumes they have.

Heather ~ Acting Balanced Mom

Monday 25th of April 2011

Aw, what a sweetie and what great pics... oh and the costume is cool too... ;)


Monday 25th of April 2011

Oh GOODNESS! She is SO cute!!! :) Happy Easter! :) (one day late...*ahem*)


Monday 25th of April 2011

She's so sweet! You're lucky you can dress her. Alli hates getting her clothes changed. We did take some pretty dress pics last night, but she hated the process of putting the dress on. *sigh*


Monday 25th of April 2011

So cute! Costume Supercenter has EVERYTHING you need for every occasion! I am going to an 80's party next weekend, I am going to have to check them out. Thanks for the reminder!