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My Top 5 Baby Money Saving Tips for New Parents

One of the first things I wanted to figure out as new parents was how we could save money on baby gear. I’m not a money saving expert. In fact, I am much better at spending than saving. Well, I guess I have some idea on how to save so you can spend.


Feeling Like a Cloth Diaper Flunky [Because Prompts are Fun]

Once upon a time I loved cloth diapering. I even loved doing diaper laundry. While pregnant with Xander I looked forward to cloth diapering a newborn and packed them in my hospital bag. I’ve used cloth with Rissa for two years – I’m a fluff veteran! I thought. Think of all the


Baby Update: 2 Weeks Old

Xander wearing his Twotara reversible romper! After waiting almost all year to meet Mr. X, it’s hard to believe he’s 2 weeks old already! When we left the hospital he was a bit yellow from jaundice and considered intermediate risk. Every morning for 3 days after he came home I had to


My Hospital Bag is Packed!

After enough hemming and hawing and slacking off, I finally finished packing my hospital bag last week. I had it mostly packed for about a week prior, but put the last few items in at the end of last week. I thought I might go into labor by now, so I felt


Baby, Toddler and Kid Black Friday Deals!

Now is a great time to stock up on your favorite baby food, gear, toys, and accessories. Whether they are for yourself, a holiday gift, or for future baby shower gifts, you’ll want to take advantage of some of these hot deals! I have to be careful not to overspend – these


September Sprinkles: AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper Package Giveaway! (US/CAN) 10/19

With bright cheery colors 2 sizes to grow with your baby, and a soft microfiber inside the AppleCheeks cloth diaper is a great diaper to have in your stash. The covers feature a unique envelope design, similar to a pocket diaper, but with no need to unstuff. The absorbent inserts come right


September Sprinkles: itti bitti Tutto Cloth Diaper Giveaway (US) 10/9

I’ve shared a couple reviews of the itti bitti Tutto in the past. The first one was when we were still pretty new to cloth and the second was to show how fashionable they are! It is a trim diaper that is made for babies 8-44lbs and works well on my skinny minnie!


Expanding Our Cloth Diaper Stash With Neutral Colors

When we decided to switch to cloth diapers, I tried to stick with buying neutral colors. I did get a few girly colors (purple!) at first, but mostly wanted to build a stash that would work for our future children regardless of their sex. Well, with all the cute prints and colors


Why I Am a Crappy Mom

There are a lot of other blogs written by moms about their experiences. Many of them I read and relate to…some have different opinions and parenting preferences than I. Very rarely do I sit and think what crappy parents they are (maybe in my head I think a certain choice or behavior


This Time I’m Cloth Diapering a Newborn! #clothdiapers

With Rissa, we started out using disposables. I didn’t attempt cloth until she was 3 months old, going on 4 months old. Now at nearly 23 months old, it feels like we’ve always used cloth! I’m not quite sure why I planned on sposies (they are very mainstream, but expensive), but once

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