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Mystery Fluff Post #1 – Cloth Diapering Mishaps #clothdiapers #summerfluffin

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We decided that the last day of Summer Fluffin’ would be…. a mystery. Today is a free for all on topics. Since many of you seemed to get a kick out of my fluff brain and many of you could relate, I thought I’d share some mishaps with you!

Not Your Gramma’s Cloth Diapers

Not long after switching to cloth, my mother-in-law came over to baby-sit. I showed her how to put the Mother-ease diapers and covers on and where to put the used ones. I admit, the original Mother-ease are a bit difficult to differentiate front from back from inside out. When I got home and went to change Rissa, the cover was on all right, but the diaper itself was on inside out! (Instead of the tabs wrapping around on top to snap, the tabs were against Rissa’s belly so the snapping must have been awkward to do.)  It absorbed so she didn’t leak. I was amused and assured my MIL that it was okay. Bless her. she’s watched Rissa since and did fine with pre-stuffed pockets. I’ll make sure she has those to work with from now on!


The worst part about all this is dealing with poo. For some reason Rissa’s poo doesn’t gross me out quite like I thought it would, but then again, she’s still mostly on breastmilk. I’ve had a few mishaps though, involving poo and cloth. The pail I use most of the time has a foot pedal to lift the lid. I like this – hands free! Or, well, hands full of diaper.

A few times, I’ve managed to have my foot slip mid-diaper drop only to have te lid come down and cut me off. This has resulted in diapers half in, half out. Once this got poo all over the lid.

I’ve also managed to drop a full diaper and the dirty cloth wipes onto my pantleg as they fell from my hand on the way over to the pail. Yep, total balancing act fail. And I brought my leg up instinctually in an effort to catch the falling fluff.

You know how I mentioned I like to shake the inserts out of my pocket diapers? Yeah, well, it’s not a good idea when there’s poo. Flecks get flung everywhere – including all over my shirt.

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Tell me about any mishaps you’ve encountered?

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