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BunnZoo Cloth Diaper Review

I like to think I’m becoming a cloth diaper connoisseur. We traded in the disposables for reusable diapers at the end of January this year, so that’s a good 6+ months of diapering, laundering, purchasing, and researching. Though, my research started well before we made the switch (I mean, that’s how we decided to switch). I only have one or two diapers that I don’t care much for, but most I at least like, if not love. Until recently, I mostly used more “big” brand names, but I’m very interested in trying more made by work at home moms (WAHMs) and smaller shops.

I came across BunnZoo, an online cloth diaper shop, and took a look around. BunnZoo not only offers handmade diapers, but pillow case dresses, leggings, and more too. The owner chose the name BunnZoo because she loves sewing animal prints! One of the things I’m coming to really appreciate about smaller shops is the variety of fabrics and prints available. It’s much easier to get custom fluff! At BunnZoo you can find a variety – AIOs, pockets, covers, training pants, etc. Since items are handmade, it can be hard to shop for in stock items so if you are interested in a BunnZoo diaper, I suggest contacting them to talk about options!

I let them know I was interested in reviewing and was curious about trying one of the flannel diapers, but was open to any. I chose medium size for Rissa and requested something for a girl – other than that… what I was getting was a surprise!

bunnzoo reusable diaperbunnzoo reusable diaperbunnzoo reusable diaper

I received a medium pocket diaper with snaps (yay!) in a cute pink chicken print. I love how the wings look like little hearts. It’s very colorful and Rissa likes to look at it. The fit is very good on my skinny minnie and we have room to grow. The rise is perfect on her right now, but we’re on the tightest waist setting. The medium size is said to fit 15-25lbs and Rissa is not even close to 20 pounds yet. It’s snug around her thighs without leaving marks too.

insertbunnzoo reusable pocket diaper

The insert is thicker than what I’m used to, but shakes out of the front opening easily. The tunnel is tight when stuffing though, so this would not be daddy friendly (unless mama prestuffs it for him). Due to the thickness of the insert and the tight tunnel, I did not use this diaper overnight. I wasn’t sure how I’d fit an extra insert inside. However, it holds up to nap time and regular day use just fine. So far it cleans well though amazingly Rissa has not pooed in it in the past 3-4 weeks that we’ve been using it. The shell dries quickly and the insert dries with one dryer cycle. (Some of the other inserts we have can take two dryer cycles.)

bunnzoo reusable diaperbunnzoo reusable diaperbunnzoo reusable diaper

Final thoughts: BunnZoo offers some really cute prints and well made diapers at an affordable price. Although I found the pocket tunnel to be tight, the diaper fit well and worked for us during the day. The stitching looks to be of good quality and it still looks like new after several uses and washes.

So, check them out at and you can also find BunnZoo on Facebook!


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Natalie Weeks

Tuesday 6th of September 2011

THAT is one cute diaper!

Mrs. Smitty

Tuesday 16th of August 2011

I like the prints but the narrow pocket worries me. Can you tell us what type of insert it is?


Tuesday 16th of August 2011

I couldn't find any details on the material. It's unlike any I've seen before and it's thick.

Kelly from Kelly's Lucky You

Monday 15th of August 2011

You are creating a directory of cloth diapers - great resource for moms!

Catherine L

Thursday 11th of August 2011

These are really cute. I'm not fan of animal prints on babies, however the pillow case dresses are adorable.

Beeb Ashcroft

Wednesday 10th of August 2011

This would be a really cute item to tuck in a gift basket for an expectant mom!