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My Perfect Dream Cloth Diaper

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Now that I have been a cloth diapering mama for over a year, I feel a bit more knowledgable. I’m no longer “new” to cloth and have a pretty good sense of what I do and don’t like in a reusable diaper.


Our newest additions!

With more than 40 diapers in our stash from a variety of brands and retailers, I have yet to encounter the elusive “perfect” diaper. I’m not even sure it exists! I have a few that cone close, but none fully capture that title yet. I don’t know the first thing about MAKING them, so I can’t ever produce the perfect one. I will just keep searching and hopefully find it someday.

There are a lot of features I like from different cloth diapers and if I had a way to mash my stash together, I’d come up with some awesome blends.

My Perfect Dream Diaper

  • Pocket opening in the middle like Applecheeks diapers.
  • Have an automatic self-adjusting rise like Envibum.
  • Would agitate the insert out in the wash like Glowbug, GoGreen, Thirsties, Applecheeks, Booty Buns and others do.
  • Hip snaps and cross over snaps like OhKaty and Booty Buns.
  • Or side snaps like Knickernappies and BottomBumpers.
  • Bamboo lining like the organic Diaper Rite and Bumble Bee diapers.
  • Trim, ultra absorbent hemp cotton blend inserts like the LoopyDo.
  • Double gussets to contain messes and leaks.
  • Fun, bold, and bright colors and patterns!
  • Affordable.
  • One size.
  • Washes well and dries fast.
  • Ability to wash itself and never stain… Hey I’m dreaming here!

Now, you know if I ever had this diaper I’d probably still find something else I’d prefer to add to its features, but this would be a fab diaper, wouldn’t it?

What would be your perfect diaper?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.