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On the Road With Baby

This is the longest trip away from home for Rissa yet. So far we’ve only done one overnight stay, this time we’re doing two nights away. I seriously can’t believe how much more I pack because of her!

ERGObaby carrier
Pack n Play
3 days worth of cloth diapers
2 outfits per day for her
An extra outfit for me
Baby snacks
Wet bag
Booster chair

And I still managed to forget her Sippy cup…oops!

Though why I packed toys, I don’t know. She’s currently watching her toes wiggle and twisting her hands like she’s installing a light bulb.

We’re both fascinated.

Anyway, my WP app let’s me blog a little via phone… So here we are.

I’m entertaining her with a soft book with a mirror. Oh how she loves the baby in the mirror!


Do you over or under pack? I always seem to over pack!

Robin Quick

Saturday 20th of August 2011

Oh how I remember packing a huge amount of baby things when my boys were babies! Ive always been an overpacker... now when I say overpacker, I mean extreme overpacker.. If its a weekend trip I pack enough clothes for 2 weeks for the kids. They get dirty and need changing 3 or 4 times a day it seems. HA! P pack every bathroom item you could ever think of. I pack meds, extra shoes if not 3 pair per person, the list goes on & on.. you get my drift.. . Yes Im an overpacker and Im not ashamed!lol