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One Size Cloth Diapers vs. Sized #FallFluff

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As I researched what cloth diapers to buy, I kept getting lost in the terminology and abbreviations. After familiarizing myself with those, I was able to make more sense out of the posts and references I read. Certainly the best way I’ve learned has been by doing though!

I still sometimes get mixed up about fitted and sized, often saying fitted when I mean sized. Fitted means the diaper is designed to “fit” baby’s body. Non-fitted diapers include prefolds, flats, and diapers without elastic or some means to fit snugly around those thighs. Fitted diapers can be sized OR one sized.

Sized diapers fit certain ranges (age, height, weight). They cannot be worn from birth to potty; whereas one size diapers are designed to last from birth to potty. One size diapers offer a variety of ways to adjust their fit as baby grows. Usually it’s to adjust the rise but some also adjust the leg elastic.

We mostly have one size diapers because I wanted to stretch our diaper stash dollars. I didn’t think it’d matter that much. I mean, why pay the same price for a diaper that can’t be worn as long?

I’ve learned it’s not that simple!

  • One Size may fit from birth to potty, but since it’s used more often over the course, it will wear out quicker.
  • OS tend to fit babies better in the middle. They tend to be too big on newborns and too small on potty training babes.
  • Sized fits better at each stage and handles the different movement stages well.
  • As baby grows, you need to “size up” when they out grow the current size and restash. (But that in between sizes time can be awkward.)
  • OS works well to diaper multiple children at the same time.

We have a few sized diapers and I do like them. In our experience, sized fit our skinny minnie better. We still successfully use OS, but they would have fallen off if we used them at day one! I still think OS is a more economical option. However, if you are going to end up diapering a few kids, you’ll use the sized diapers enough to justify the cost.. I think! So, (no surprise) I like having a variety to choose from… I wouldn’t want all OS or all sized.

Just gimmie some of each!

Which do you prefer: One size or sized?

Don’t forget to see what Mariah and April have to say too!

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