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SoftBums Echo Cloth Diaper Review – Now With Snaps!

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One of the dividing lines in the cloth diaper community is snaps versus hook and loop. I find some people are indifferent, but most fluff fans have pretty strong feelings about the use of one or the other. If you’ve been reading my cloth diaper reviews, you know I’m a snaps fan. I only own a couple hook and loop diapers and they are the last ones I reach for, especially now that Rissa tries to take them off. So, my SoftBums Omni diaper left me conflicted. It was one of my favorite diapers except for the hook and loop.  I hoped and wished for snaps and… lo and behold, they unveiled their snap addition at the end of last year!

Since I previously reviewed the Omni, this time I received the Echo from SoftBums. I received it in chocolate and they have a few other colors available in snaps now.

SoftBums Echo cloth diaper


The Echo is similar to the Omni because they have the same slide adjustment for the legs and are one size. The Echo is just a shell though, it is not a pocket diaper like the Omni. I noticed that the Echo shell was a little shorter than the Omni, but that was fine on Rissa. For some reason though, I could not find where to snap in the insert. It still worked all right without snapping it in, but I found it moved around and would get bunched up a bit. I only used the Echo for day use and naps. I didn’t want to try to lay too many pods inside at night. It washes and dries well, so laundry has not been a concern. The snaps crossover so I can get a nice snug fit around her skinny waist!

I really liked the snaps. I felt the shell fit around her waist better that way; plus, Rissa couldn’t take it off! I do prefer the Omni over the Echo for us, so I plan to get some with snaps. Have you tried the Echo or Omni? Are you a snaps lover or hater?

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