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AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper Review #ChristmasInJuly

I have wanted to try an AppleCheeks cloth diaper for a long time! I heard about them after I started cloth diapering and became obsessed with cloth diaper reviews and giveaways. Everywhere I turned, there were rave reviews. I couldn’t seem to win one though! Of course, I’d love to go out and buy all kinds of diapers to try, but it’s just not in the budget. So, I was very excited about the opportunity to review an AppleCheeks diaper. AppleCheeks are reusable diapers created and manufactured in Canada and were started by a couple of cloth diapering mamas. Recently they introduced their first prints! They stand behind their diapers and use them on their own babies. They have worked to create a modern cloth diaper that is functional and good looking!

They feature a unique design and shape that you don’t see on other cloth diapers. Or at least I’ve never seen it on anything else. Even without a label, I could pick out an AC in a diaper line up! They come in two different sizes that should cover the span from birth to potty for most babies. I received a Size 1 in Raspberry Sorbet. They offer vibrant colors (with fun names!), a unique curved shape to help combat wing droop, and elastic on the waist and legs for a snug fit as well as to contain messes. The lining is very soft microfleece. Unlike any other pocket diaper I own, this one opens in the middle! Not the back. Not the front. The middle! This makes it nice and wide for big hands or extra stuffing. It also allows for the bamboo insert to “unstuff” itself in the wash.

The insert is quite absorbent and is different in that it needs to be folded. It reminds me of a mini-flat. I think this allows for better cleaning and faster drying. I’ve never had any issues with the insert being stinky or still damp after one dryer cycle. The shell dries quick on the line.

I’m not quite sure why, but after about a month of use, I am having some fraying along the edges. I’m not doing anything different in my care than my other diapers receive. I have not put this shell in the dryer… I am at a loss as to why this is happening because I don’t think it should be. Maybe I have a knack for receiving flukes like another diaper of mine that had fraying issues with the velcro? [7/22/11 Update: After talking with another cloth using mama, I think the culprit of the fraying is the hook and loop diapers. They are jealous! Just kidding, but that seems to be the cause!]

I love snaps so I’m very happy in that respect with this diaper. I don’t know that it would fit quite so nicely if it was offered in hook and loop. I found it to be very trim fitting and the size 1 really hugs Rissa’s skinny thighs. She looks so adorable in this diaper and others just love it on her as well. It also stands up to her mobility because now that she’s crawling, that is a new concern! It lasted through naps with just the one insert. I did not try it overnight though.

Final thoughts: I absolutely love this diaper. It’s cute, it’s trim, and it unstuffs itself. This is a great diaper for me to take along on outings or for someone else (like daddy) to change because it can just be put straight into the wetbag!

To find out where you can buy some, check out their retailer locator. You can also follow them on Twitter @AppleCheeksDipe and Facebook!

AppleCheeks is sponsoring a gift certificate for the upcoming Christmas in July giveaway event!


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Wednesday 27th of July 2011

Applecheeks are one of the 3 brands I call the Cadillac of cloth. We did not have fraying problems till the 3rd month but I do have a large stock and like to go through one by one. We use their liners too and they are sweet! Really saves from the dunk issues of poo! Good luck.

Catherine - Our Village is a Little Different

Saturday 23rd of July 2011

These are so cute! Cloth diapers have sure come a long way.

Jennifer Clay

Friday 22nd of July 2011

I never used the cloth diaper on my girls when they was a baby, but these look really great!

Candice Kelly

Friday 22nd of July 2011

I tried an Apple Cheeks diaper with my son and I loved it. It never leaked, I LOVED not having to pull the insert out before washes and it was our trimmest diaper by far. I did have some sizing issues though. My son was in the largest settings at just 4 weeks old (he was a big boy weighing 12lbs with very chubby legs at that time) and he had completely outgrown the size 1's by 15lbs at 2 1/2 months old. I also, like you, noticed fraying around the edges after just a few washes and I didn't even have any hook and loop diapers at that time :/ BUT even with the fraying they are still adorable and they continue to function well so I can't wait to get my little man some new Size 2's.


Saturday 23rd of July 2011

They are still cute and functional despite the fraying - we just use 'em a lot! :) My daughter is skinny and tall and Size 1 fits her really well. I'm definitely pleased!

Jennifer R.

Friday 22nd of July 2011

I've never tried a cloth diaper quite like this. My friends' baby had cloth but the inserts had to be folded around the baby and then a cover snapped over and the edges tucked in. This looks much easier!