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From Loss to Growth: Highlights of 2015 and What’s to Come in 2016

For us, 2015 was the year of loss, but we’re determined to make 2016 the year of growth. The first change coming in 2016 that I want you to know about will be a revitalization of our blog. Between work, family, and everything else, I was not able to commit to being here


A New Name, A New Look, and Reflections on 5+ Years of Blogging

When I started this blog five years ago, I never imagined being where I am today. Granted this was not my first blog. The very first one I contributed to was during college. I wrote the most random stuff about my life because in 2001, that was all most of us blogged


I’m Afraid to Step Back on the Scale

I haven’t stepped on a scale in at least six months. It all trickled down. I abandoned a weight loss plan that was giving me results, I became more lax in tracking my indulgences, I abandoned Couch to 5k, and I stopped posting weight loss updates. Eventually I quit weighing myself too.


What a Sick Day for Mom Looks Like #ReliefIsHere #Ad

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G. The thoughts shared are mine. Before I had kids, I recall lounging on the couch and napping whenever I felt like it during a sick day. Work usually could be put on hold until I felt better and returned to the office. My sick days


Strolling into 2015 and an Interview With Myself

Hey there! Hi. Yes, you. How are you? I’ve been thinking about you. No really, it’s true. Not in a stalkerish kind of way, but I’ve been wondering how your holidays went and if you wondered where the heck I went. I’m still here! Well, not always herehere, but around. I’m rarely


Where Did September Go? {Weight Loss & Other Updates}

The other day I felt like I was getting into another posting groove, but then I looked up and it wasn’t the other day… it was over 20 days ago. (Heck, I started the draft of this post two days ago!) I’ve talked before about how the passage of time really changed


Keeping Myself Accountable {Weight Loss Update}

I’m the type of person who is filled with ideas and likes to go all in on something to the point of obsession. I tend to burn myself out of motivation this way. It’s taken quite a few years to really recognize this. I still start new things eagerly, but my passion


Let’s Hear It For Non-Scale Victories! {Weight Loss Update}

No surprise that I haven’t followed any eating plans to a T nor have I been completely strict with my running/exercise schedule. They are important components to living a healthier life, but they aren’t the only parts. I’m so close to hitting my next weight loss goal, but I’m learning (and accepting) that


Will I Ever Run a 5k? {Weight Loss & Couch to 5k Updates}

Two weeks ago I was so close to hitting my next weight goal. Without tracking my food and WW points, you can see how my weights have fluctuated. Week 16: 213.4 Week 17: 211.6 Week 18: 208.8 Week 19: 211.4 Week 20: 211 I’ve also started running. Sort of. At the time


Expand Your Child’s Library at My Usborne Books Facebook Party!

Okay, so, I feel awkward sending out party invites to the masses. I really do, but I want you to come by tomorrow, if you can. Not to my house though because it’s a mess. Facebook is letting me rent an event room. Nice of them, eh? One of my friends hosted


So I’m Thinking About Running… {Weight Loss Update}

Generally I avoid apologizing for lack of writing because I know you understand what it’s like to be busy. We are all busy and sometimes things slip, like tracking my food and writing my weekly updates. I’m a work in progress, but I feel like I’m keeping up with my kids better.


The Struggle is Real {Weight Loss Update}

A struggle with self-image and my weight is a recurring theme in my life. One that started in 3rd grade and is still present today. In fact, I wrote about it – really wrote about it – for the first time three years ago. The severity of my struggle ebbs and flows.


Feeling So Fabulous {Weight Loss Update}

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this time around, it’s about the whole journey. Focusing on the results of just one week misses the bigger picture. I could get really upset about last week’s gain, but I’m not. Sure, I’m a little disappointed, but I traveled to SoFabCon, I had a great


What’s My Size Again? {Weight Loss Update}

Much to my surprise, I’ve reached my first non-scale weight loss goal. It almost seems too soon. One thing is for sure, my body shape changed with having kids. Before kids, it took me losing 20lbs to reach 190lbs and fit into a size 16. Now I’m almost to the weight I


The Scale isn’t the Only Number Changing {Weight Loss Update}

I’ve said it before, but I need to start tracking measurements. Problem is, I don’t really know how to measure myself properly. I’ve never quite figured out where my “natural” waist is… It’s been hiding for years. I’m not even quite sure what my body shape is anymore. I’m thinking an apple


Living Life While Losing Weight {Weight Loss Update}

One of my fears about losing weight is missing out. Missing out on fun and food because, let’s face it, a lot of social activities surround food. Food is social and that can create stress for someone like me. Or it creates an excuse to binge. And, I’m always looking for “good”


Time to Buy New Pants! {Weight Loss Update}

Getting healthy and losing weight have pros and cons, much like anything else. One of those is shopping for new clothes. I’ve been looking forward to needing new pants and I finally had to buy some on Saturday. All my pants are officially too big. A few pairs were already baggy, but


I’m a Loser, Baby! {Weight Loss Update}

I never really liked the show The Biggest Loser. Admittedly, I’ve never watched an entire season. The few times I watched, it was the season finale. I always cried, listening to their stories and watching their transformations. But something about the show itself rubbed me wrong. Maybe it’s the way Biggest Loser


Scale Victory: Reaching My First Weight Loss Goal

One of the things I love about the Weight Watchers program is how they encourage you to break down your weight loss into smaller, achievable goals. I know I need to lose about 100 pounds to be in a healthy weight range, but that number is kind of scary. Plus, with safe


Rissa’s Disney World Quotes, Comic Book Nursery & More – It’s a BabyZone Round Up!

I was busy writing away over on BabyZone this past week! Is it a bird? Or a plane? No, it’s comic book decor! I found 18 fun things for a comic book-themed nursery. I shared fun quotes that Rissa totally would have tweeted (or Instagrammed!) while we were at Disney World for