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Does Social Media Make You Second Guess Your Parenting?

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Picture this: You are having a fun day with your kids. You post a picture to Instagram and Facebook about it and tweet something silly your child said.

Within minutes there are comments questioning everything from what they are wearing to where you went and goodness how could you feed them THAT?

It used to be that only a small circle of people would know about our parenting choices. There were always prior giving unsolicited advice, but has it gotten out of control with the reach of the internet?

Or… maybe you don’t post much, but you read and see what others are doing. How come your kids can’t make gorgeous crafts like on Pinterest? Are there really modern families cooking and serving 5 course meals every night? Are your kids deprived for not having as many (fancily wrapped) gifts at every holiday and non holiday printed on the calendar?

Do you think being inundated with what everyone is doing (and their opinions) is making parents feel insecure about their choices?

Tell me what you think in the comments and share this post so others can weigh in too.

This post was inspired in part by “Don’t Let Social Media Make You Feel Like a Bad Mom.

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