10+ Geeky Bedtime Story Books for Preschoolers

Are you a geek parent too? One of the best parts about geeky parenting is sharing our passions with our kids, from comic book superheroes to Jedi Masters. My husband is also fluent in code, so it makes sense to introduce computer programming language to our kids as well. All of these


How to Find the Best Back-to-School Bargains

School is upon us again, and we are all faced with the annual task of getting the supplies on our children’s back-to-school lists. My oldest is about to start kindergarten! Even though she went to preschool, getting ready for back to school this year feels different. Like it is OFFICIAL and kind


Fun and Easy Handprint Sun Paper Plate Preschool Craft

One of my daughter’s favorite jobs at preschool was being the weather helper. They rotated who helped the teacher put up symbols representing the weather as well as learning the days of the week. She was always thrilled to share on sunny days. I understand because the sun makes me happy too.


Quick and Easy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancake Bites

Are you a morning person? I’m not, but you can make mornings more pleasant with these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancake Bites. Seriously! I’m the complete opposite of a morning person. I will squeeze out every last bit of shut eye possible. Alarm clocks hate me because I smack snooze until they refuse


Refreshing Strawberry Lime Spritzer Recipe

I used to be a heavy soda drinker. Now? I mainly drink water. Soda was my daily nectar, and I couldn’t imagine eating most lunches or dinners without it. I’ve quit drinking soda a few times and now my husband is joining me. It’s no longer our beverage of choice, but we still


How to Inspire Kids to Pursue Engineering Activities

We partnered with Play-Well TEKnologies to host a LEGO®-inspired Engineering Workshop. I consider myself a life-long learner. My love for learning began when I was a little kid and hasn’t stopped. I can get extremely passionate about certain subjects, craving to learn everything I can about something. This is one of my


10 Helpful Tips for New Breastfeeding Moms

The first few weeks after baby is born can be the toughest and rockiest part to developing your breastfeeding relationship with your baby.  I knew it’d be work, but didn’t realize just how overwhelming it could be! With each of my babies, it took about six weeks to establish our breastfeeding routine.


How to Make Easy Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal

What is your favorite flavor combination? If you know me for more than 30 seconds, you know I love love LOVE chocolate and peanut butter. I mean, they are each delicious in their own right. But together? Taste bud heaven. Imagine if you could take your favorite dessert and make it into


How to Make a Seashell Bird Feeder

This is the time of year when many families hit the beach. Whether you are there for the day or longer, it’s almost a guarantee your kids will find shells. Kids love to collect seashells, especially those big clam shells. Last summer, my kids filled an entire bucket with shells, rocks, and sticks


Quick and Easy Honey Garlic Chicken Recipe

Have you ever looked at the clock and thought, “Oh crap, I need to feed everyone again!” I almost always have good intentions to follow our meal plan, but occasionally time slips by before I start prepping for dinner. The worst is when I forget to pull meat out of the freezer to


How to Keep Kids Busy and Learning With LEGO® Activities

Do you ever feel like your kids are driving you nuts? OK, that was a silly question. Of course you do. What I mean is… do you have days where it feels extra difficult for your kids to entertain themselves? I run into this a lot working from home full-time, especially while


Easy Mediterranean Lemon and Herb Grill Packets

This mouthwatering Mediterranean grill packet with Lemon and Herb Chicken Kabobs recipe is sponsored by Johnsonville. If you send your husband to the grocery store with a list of ingredients to try a new recipe, he might message you for help. Confession: I’ve never had pesto before. Or, at least, I’ve never


10 Must-Haves to Bring to an Amusement Park

Never wait two hours into a road trip before double checking someone has the tickets. “You have the tickets, right?” Brian and I made plans to take a road trip to Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois. We both had been to that amusement park several times in the past. I can’t remember now


Give Your Taste Buds a Kick With This Easy Southwestern Sandwich Recipe

I stared at the oven, wiping sweat from my forehead. Even with the air conditioning on, it was too dang hot to cook. Merely thinking of preheating the oven made me perspire. It was too late in the day for my slow cooker to save me, and I didn’t have anything ready


How a Family Day at the Races Drives Inspiration

We were invited to attend the Battery Tender MX-5 Cup races at Road America as media guests for Father’s Day weekend. My husband and I haven’t been to any races in years. When we first started dating, we went to watch his friend in several sprint car races. The Demolition Derby at the


8 Amusement Park Safety Tips for Families

Do you prefer stomach plunging drops on speeding roller coasters or spinning rides that make you feel silly and dizzy? I’ve always been afraid of heights and have irrational fears about falling out of rides, so I tend to stick with “spinny” rides. I have never been a huge thrill chaser, but


Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream

Have you ever felt that moment of panic when you bring home an abundance of fresh produce and wonder how the heck you are going to use all of it before it goes bad? I’ve had that moment many times. Usually when there is an awesome sale at the grocery store or


Family Friendly Activities Within Driving Distance of Milwaukee

“What are we doing today?” is my daughter’s favorite question on Saturday mornings. If you and your kids are looking for a little adventure without breaking the bank or traveling too far from home, then you must check out fun day trip destinations or staycations! When you have young kids, staycations or


How to Make Soda Bottle Blossoms

“No! Don’t take the recycling out. I….need some of it.” A sheepish grin spreads across my face as my husband tries to get his weekend chores done. Lately fewer plastic items (bottles, jugs, etc) have been making it outside to our recycling bin. Since being bitten by the craft bug again, I


How to Make Amazing Vanilla French Toast

Do you remember the first time you made French toast? I didn’t really learn how to cook many recipes growing up. When I was a teenager, I was hanging out at my older sister’s apartment, visiting for the weekend. Instead of letting me continue to eat the same old thing for breakfast, she