Reasons to Visit LEGOLAND® Discovery Center in Chicago

Visiting LEGOLAND® Discovery Center in Chicago has been on our family’s bucket list since our kids began piecing bricks together. We were invited to a private VIP preview event to see two new exhibits and experience LEGOLAND for ourselves. We didn’t let the kids know about the trip until the night before.


Unicorn Sensory Bin with Oobleck

Unicorns are having a moment. Go into any store, and you’ll find something with a unicorn horn within minutes. My daughter is crazy about unicorns! If you have unicorn-loving kids in your house too, they will adore this super-fun, and science-themed unicorn sensory bin! This sensory bin uses cornstarch and water to


Chocolate Lucky Charms Crispy Treats Recipe

Do you love crispy treats and finding excuses to make them? Me too. While at the store the other day, I spotted Chocolate Lucky Charms cereal with clover marshmallows. I instantly decided that I must make them into a crispy treat while my daughter thought this cereal would be the perfect bait


Easy Chores For Kids With Printable Chore Chart

Teaching responsibility with easy chores for kids is something that I feel is important. Not only does it help them to understand what it takes to make a household run, it helps them learn that they should take care of their own belongings so they aren’t damaged. To me, this is a win-win


Printable Pregnancy Tracker Signs

Looking back, I wish I had been diligent to use a Pregnancy Tracker in pictures throughout both of my pregnancies. These fun Printable Pregnancy Tracker Signs are a perfect for holding up or attaching to your shirt for regular baby bump photo opportunities from 8 weeks through 42 weeks. You’ll see how your


Irish Soda Bread Recipe with Math Lesson for Kids

This Irish Soda Bread recipe math activity is a guest post from Education.com, which features a variety of educational activities for kids. St. Patrick’s Day is well on its way, and if you’re looking for a way to celebrate with your family (minus the green beer!), an Irish feast could be just


Baby Creature Woodland Nursery Printable Posters

I absolutely fell in love with this Woodland Nursery themed printable set. I know that you too will love grabbing them! If you are expecting a baby, redoing your nursery, or looking for an inexpensive gift for a baby shower look no further than this Baby Creature Woodland Nursery Printable Posters set.


Stress Buster Tips For New Parents

New parents struggle with being overwhelmed, but these Stress Buster Tips For New Parents are ideal for making that easier to manage. Just because you have a new baby in the house and adjustments to make doesn’t mean you have to be stressed all of the time. With a few simple tips,


10 Leprechaun Trap Ideas

Have you ever heard of a Leprechaun Trap?  This year I am sharing some great fun and easy Leprechaun Trap ideas for you to make with your kids.  This is a cute idea to get kids excited about St. Patrick’s Day, and of course, it is a super fun arts and crafts


Counting with Rainbows: Fine Motor Counting Activity

If your kids love rainbows, then they will jump at the chance to try this fun rainbow fine motor counting activity! Counting with rainbow beads is a fun way to practice counting skills and boost fine motor skills at the same time. Use small rainbow beads like in our activity for practice