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Pumpkin Size Sorting Printable Activity for Kindergarten

Looking for fall themed sorting activities for kindergarten? This adorable pumpkin size sorting printable is an easy hands on learning activity for preschool and kindergarten.

This is a great option for a no prep fall math center activity. Kindergarten sorting games help kids develop important skills while engaging them in play.

Find out the benefits of sorting and the types of skills it helps kids work on then grab the printable at the bottom of this post. You may also like our Christmas tree size sorting activity.

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Why is sorting important for preschoolers and kindergartners to do?

By sorting the pumpkins and grouping them into different size categories (big, medium, small) they are using and strengthening their observation, logic, and reasoning skills.

They need to look at the different pumpkin tokens, compare them, and categorize them as large, medium, or small.

Is Sorting a Math Skill?

Sorting is an early math skill that is important for preschool and kindergarten children to work on.

Hands on sorting activities allow them to learn how to recognize similar objects and practice grouping them together.

This is important for building on math skills, such as grouping number sets, when they are older.

Developing a child’s sorting skill will help them recognize patterns and easily make matches. This becomes important for solving more complex math equations later.

Cute pumpkins with faces for kids activity

Pumpkin Size Sorting Game

Our printable pumpkin sorting game is the perfect way to incorporate fall into big and small sorting activities. If using in a classroom setting, I recommend using a laminator machine and laminating the mats and tokens before cutting them out.

There are three mats and each one is labeled with a size: Large, Medium, Small.

There are six sets of cute pumpkins with faces (not jack-o-lanterns). Each set includes a big, medium, and small pumpkin token. Cut these out ahead of time for a very low prep activity

Mix up the pumpkin tokens and ask your child to sort them by size onto the correct mat.

You can adjust the difficulty of this activity for toddlers and younger kids as needed. For example, you can lay out just the Large and Small mats and tokens to start with and then add in Medium later.

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Printable Pumpkin Size Sorting Activity

Download and save this fall pumpkin sorting activity worksheet to print out and use at home or in your classroom. Share this post with other parents and teachers so they can download their own copy!

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