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Printable Spooky Fun Learning Packet for Halloween

Are your kids excited about Halloween too? This Halloween themed printable learning packet is a great way to keep kids interested in practicing skills! I am also sharing some suggestions of Halloween books for kids that you can read together. Printable Spooky Fun Learning Packet for Halloween This post contains affiliate links.


Best Halloween Games for Kids

Whether you decide to take the kids out for an hour of trick-or-treating and then come back for the party, or just forego the neighborhood wanderings this year, it is an absolute must that you have a fiendishly good time by playing Halloween games. These are the Best Halloween Games for Kids


Number Recognition Using Mini Pumpkin Erasers

Fall is all about pumpkins, leaves, and apples. Celebrate the season in the classroom or at home when you do this Number Recognition Using Mini Pumpkin Erasers with your kids. The activity is designed for preschool and kindergarten kids, but older kids who still struggle with number recognition can also benefit from


The Best Cars 3 Toys Building Kits

Have you ever gone shopping for a kid’s birthday gift with no clue what they like? As my daughter received more birthday party invites from classmates, we ran into this more often. You’d think your kid would know what their friend likes, right? Wrong! Sometimes they know, but other times… you are


Leaf Rubbings Idea for Kids

Do you remember collecting leaves and making leaf rubbings as a kid? I do! Most kids enjoy exploring nature and discovering the world around them. Capture this love of nature by completing this Leaf Rubbings Idea for Kids. Making leaf rubbings is the perfect science activity for little naturalists and is ideal


Balloon Air Pressure Experiments for Kids

We love doing fun projects that also teach the kids. These Balloon Air Pressure Experiments for Kids are ideal for keeping kids happy with a project while teaching them basic science! While this is an experiment you’ll need to help with and supervise, it is going to be one you will enjoy


Kids Science Experiment | Oil and Water Color Changing Lab

There is something amazing about color mixing, and it makes an easy kids science experiment. Kids love watching the process of colors changing right before their eyes. Make it even more fun by mixing oil and water in this super fun oil and water color changing lab. With a bit of water,


DIY Sight Word Family Flip Books for Kindergarten

When kids are learning to read, one way to help make it easier is to teach kids what is known as word families. A word family is a CVC (consonant vowel consonant) word that ends in the same letters, like “at” or “ig.” Once kids recognize the word family, they can easily


Dinosaur Counting Game for Preschool and Kindergarten

Can your kids name more dinosaurs than you? My kids LOVE dinosaurs. These giant creatures have captured the imagination of kids ever since the first fossil was discovered. Channel this love of dinosaurs with kids when you make this super fun dinosaur counting activity for preschool or kindergarten. Kids will love the


Melting Rainbow Preschool Science Experiment

Does your kid ask “why” a gazillion times a day too? Little kids are naturally curious about how the world works and are budding scientists – even if they don’t know it! Rainbow-loving kids will adore this simple preschool science experiment where they can melt a rainbow. Introduce young kids to the basics

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