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Printable Gratitude Thanksgiving Game for Family

Looking for a Thanksgiving game for family to play? This free Printable Gratitude Game is a great addition to fall activities for children to do at any family gathering, but is perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday.

I think it’s important to teach my kids kindness, compassion, and gratitude. One of the best ways to do this is by example. Combining this with playing a game is a wonderful way for them to learn without it feeling like a lesson.

Images of gratitude game sheets with text overlay that says Free Printable Gratitude Game

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How to Play the Gratitude Game

Even though we tend to talk a lot about showing gratitude and giving thanks during the month of November, this printable Gratitude Game can be played any time of year.

It’s a nice ice breaker to use at family holidays, but can also be played solo. Think of it as a new twist on keeping a gratitude journal!

To play this game, grab the printable down below and print it out at home or at a local print shop. You only need one set of the rules, but make as many copies of the cards as needed so everyone has something to write on.

If you are using this Gratitude Game in a classroom or for a daily or weekly activity, laminate the Gratitude Game cards and the kids can write their answers with dry erase markers.

Gratitude Thanksgiving Game Rules

  1. Pass out the cards.
  2. Pour M&Ms in a small bowl.
  3. Pick an M&M and match the color prompt.
  4. Write down what you are grateful for on the matching color line or say what you are grateful for to the group.
  5. Eat your piece of candy and pass the bowl to the next person.

You can use this as a Thanksgiving game to play while waiting until it is time to eat or go around the dinner table.

Gratitude Game cards on white background with white bowl of colorful round candies.

If you do not have any M&Ms, you can use Skittles or other small candy in similar colors.

A non-food option is to use mini pom poms, and place it back in the bowl after your turn is over.

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Gratitude Thanksgiving Game Printable

We hope you enjoy using the printable Thanksgiving Gratitude Game with your family. Save a copy for your personal use at home or in your personal classroom.

Share this post with another parent or teacher who would love it so they can get their own copy.


Tuesday 26th of September 2023

This simple game is exactly what I was looking for! Finding it free was a bonus. Thank you Darcy.

Darcy Zalewski

Wednesday 27th of September 2023

You're welcome, Nancy! I'm so glad to hear that our free printable Gratitude Game fits what you were looking for. Enjoy!