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Printable Disney Themed Charades Game for Kids

This Disney themed charades for kids printable game is easy to set up and a fun family activity.

The charades game is such a classic and I love how easy it is to adapt for different ages and themes. I remember playing it as a kid at birthday parties and even at school.

Use these ideas for charades for family game night or for added fun while watching a Disney movie marathon!

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How to Play Disney Charades Game

Charades for kids is an excellent way to use their creativity and it is a super simple party game that can be played almost anywhere.

Rules for playing charades

The main rule of charades is no talking.

One person selects a card or slip of paper, secretly reading their clue. Then they must act it out using gestures. Sometimes people use hand motion symbols to give additional clues such as the category or how many words in a phrase.

Generally players split up into two teams. One member of the team acts out the clue while the rest of the team tries to guess the answer.

You can adapt the game for fewer players. For example, everyone can take turns acting out the prompt while the rest of the family makes guesses. This works well for smaller families or when the kids want to play together on their own.

You can choose whether or not to keep score. When playing with teams, the team scores a point when guessing correctly. If not using teams, the individual person who guessed right earns the point.

There is usually a time limit of 2-3 minutes, but again you may adjust that as needed.

What you need to play charades

The main item you need (besides players) are clues!

You can easily make your own version of Disney Charades using prompts from your family’s favorite movies and characters and writing them on slips of paper.

To save you some time, we have a printable charades word list with over 50 clues using Disney movie titles and actions that you can print out at home available at the bottom of this post.

Other helpful items:

Image preview of Disney charades clues with text description.

50 Disney Themed Charades Ideas Word List

Disney movie titles are easy charades ideas because kids are familiar with many of the movies and their characters. It also provides them a lot of freedom in how to act out the clues.

The action clues are inspired by the movies and some are clearly acting out part of a scene. Those prompts may provide a little more challenge.

You and your family can decide what answers will be accepted, especially since some may have more than one correct answer, or how specific you must be to give right answer.

We also have superhero themed charades, Harry Potter themed charades, and a summer charades game.

Here is a list of charades clues based on Disney movies and Disney characters:

  1. Princess and the Frog
  2. The Lion King
  3. Tangled
  4. The Little Mermaid
  5. Mary Poppins
  6. Tarzan
  7. Alice in Wonderland
  8. Wall-E
  9. Moana
  10. Brave
  11. 101 Dalmatians
  12. Cinderella
  13. Dumbo
  14. The Jungle Book
  15. Aladdin
  16. Zootopia
  17. Beauty and the Beast
  18. Mulan
  19. Pinocchio
  20. Finding Nemo
  21. Robin Hood
  22. Toy Story
  23. Frozen
  24. Lilo & Stitch
  25. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
  26. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  27. Watching a Disney movie
  28. Roar like a lion
  29. Losing your glass slipper
  30. Flying with an umbrella
  31. Flying on a magic carpet
  32. Ka-Chow or driving a race car
  33. Rubbing a lamp
  34. Brushing really long hair
  35. Flying with big ears
  36. Walking 101 dalmatians
  37. Sharing a long spaghetti noodle
  38. Swinging from a vine
  39. Seeing your mom as a bear
  40. Eating a poison apple
  41. Pricking your finger
  42. Watching your nose grow long
  43. Following a talking rabbit
  44. Scaring a sleeping child
  45. Walking with legs for the first time
  46. Hearing the clock strike midnight
  47. Trying to catch your shadow
  48. Pulling a sword from a stone
  49. Sleeping in a sea anemone
  50. Seeing your father in a magic mirror

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Get the Disney Themed Charades for Kids Printable

Click to download and save this printable Disney theme charades for kids.

Print it out at home, cut out the clues you want to use, and have fun!

This printable charades game is for your personal use or your classroom use only.

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