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Ladies Night In: 3 Activities for You and the Girls

Kool and The Gang once sang “this is ladies night, and the feeling’s right.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. There is nothing quite like a Ladies Night With the Girls. Sure, guys are great but sometimes you just need to let your hair down, and you can’t always do that


8 Ways to Keep Kids Safe on Halloween

As a kid, Halloween is scary, exciting, and fun. It’s especially scary for parents with younger kids. That’s why we are sharing some great Ways to Keep Kids Safe on Halloween. With so many other people out and rowdy older kids running around, Halloween isn’t just scary; it can be dangerous. But


How to Dress for Family Photos (and not freak out when it goes wrong)

Are you stressed out about how to dress everyone for your family photos? Or afraid the kids will refuse to wear the clothes you picked out? Then I have a story for you. Picture this… you schedule a family photo shoot with a professional photographer. Using your photographer’s styling tips, you pick


How to Take a Break as a Mom

Do you feel exhausted? Have you ever wondered how you would ever get a chance to take a break? As a mom, we often feel pressed for time. Obligations make as wonder How to Take a Break as a Mom. These tips I am sharing today will help you to understand the


Why You Should Read REAL AMERICAN: A Memoir

I received a free copy of Real American: A Memoir in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Have you ever read a book that has moved you so much you can’t help talking about it with anyone who will listen? Only a few pages in, REAL AMERICAN: A


Stylish Back to School Kids Clothes From Oshkosh B’Gosh

Do you ever get frustrated back to school clothes shopping for your kids? I do! The kids grow fast and play hard, so I prefer buying kids clothing that is good quality, affordable, and stylish. Although my kids have opinions about what they prefer to wear, they are young enough that I


3 Ways to Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed

Do you spend your days feeling overwhelmed? Everyone gets overwhelmed from time to time. We take a task on here, agree to a meeting there, and before we know it, we are completely and utterly swamped. Since I know all too well about this struggle, I wanted to share with you these


5 Horrifying Lies Women Believe and What to Do About Them

As women, we take on a lot.  In the process of being a parent, spouse, and employee, we become a super woman.  Unfortunately, we often tell ourselves things like these lies.  In an effort to help my fellow “super women” be able to manage life better, I want to share a reminder


4 Trending Self Care Ideas You Can’t Ignore

Self-care is MANDATORY. We are busier than we have ever been before as a society, and when it comes time to make some additional room in our schedule, we are usually the first ones who suffer. It is time to make some time for you and these Trending Self Care Ideas You


First Day of School Printable Photo Signs

Whether this is your child’s very first day of school or they are heading back to school, it’s an important day for our kids. A new grade level, new classroom, new teacher, new friends. And for some – a new school building. To help my kids feel excited and think positively about

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