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Reasons Why Roseville, Minnesota is Perfect for a Family Vacation

Are you looking for a fun Midwest destination for your next family vacation? Wondering where you can go that offers plenty of things to do with the kids? We visited Roseville, Minnesota over the summer and have a few tips and itinerary ideas for your next trip to Minnesota! Our family took


Best Destinations to See Autumn Leaves

My favorite time of year is when the leaves begin to change. Before the snow and ice come, take some time to enjoy the colors of Fall. Most every state in the US gives you a chance to see Autumn leaves. Some foliage seasons are shorter than others, and some states might


Things to do with Kids at the Minnesota State Fair

Are you planning a trip to the Minnesota State Fair with your family? Wondering if there is enough to do with the kids? Or if it is worth it? This was our first time going to the Minnesota State Fair and I’ll share why we enjoyed attending, some highlights from our family


Engaging Kids in STEM: MilliporeSigma’s Curiosity Cube™

Do your kids ever wonder how something is built? Why it rains? What their skin is made of? These are only a few questions I’ve been asked about this week. I’m encourage my kids to be curious and ask questions (even if it drives me crazy) about the world around them. This


4 Tips to Plan a Road Trip with Toddlers

Are you about to plan a road trip with toddlers in your immediate future? You already know that toddler meltdowns are not going to add a ton of fun to your trip, but don’t let the fear of that meltdown deter you from taking a great family vacation. There are ways that you


Kid-Friendly Things To Do at the Bristol Renaissance Faire

We received complimentary tickets to attend the 30th anniversary of the Bristol Renaissance Faire in 2017. We were thrilled to work with them after attending the previous year on our own. All thoughts shared are our own. Whether you consider yourself a little bit geeky or not, I highly recommend transporting yourself


Covered Bridge Park: The Last Covered Bridge in Wisconsin

At one time there were more than 40 covered bridges throughout the state of Wisconsin. Today only one remains at Covered Bridge Park. One of the best parts about living in Wisconsin is enjoying the gorgeous scenery. At times we may take it for granted, but one trip down a scenic route


Guide To Things To Do In Milwaukee

This is our Ultimate Guide To Things To Do In Milwaukee for you to start planning your next vacation or road trip to the beautiful region on the shores of Lake Michigan. We love this area and know it is a great place to visit for a family vacation or just a fun


Things to Do on a Day Trip to Kenosha from Milwaukee

Does taking a Day Trip to Kenosha from Milwaukee sound like a fun mini-vacation? If so, you’re going to have a ton of fun trying everything out on this list! You might not be able to fit everything in in just a day. Pick your favorites and have a blast! Day Trip


10 Museums to See in Wisconsin This Summer

One great way to enjoy The Badger State is to visit some of these 10 museums to see in Wisconsin this summer. There are many great outdoor activities when the weather allows. But when the summer heat gets to be too much, these wonderful museums beckon you with dreams of fun and

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