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A Letter to Baby #2

Dear Baby Z,

I’m sorry we haven’t gotten much time to just sit and chat. It was something I was able to do with your sister each day as I drove to work, but you and I haven’t had much alone time. It almost seems unfair that you’ll never get the experience of being the only child in the house, but honestly, I think you’ll like it better having Rissa around right from the start. She’ll be fun to play with, that’s for sure!

It’ll take some adjusting for her – well, for all of us – when you come home, but you’ll be coming home to a house full of love. Don’t mind your sister if she gets a little jealous from time to time because I know you two will become good friends. I can already tell Rissa has a big heart and I’m sure you will too.

Your little life will be full of hustle and bustle right from the start since it is the holiday season. Hopefully you will grow up embracing this and enjoying the holidays in a way I never did. Rest assured, you and your sister are changing that for me with the new memories our family is creating.

I can’t wait to meet you soon.. You should be here in just a week or so and I just want to snuggle you. And see your face since you hid it in all your ultrasound pictures!

When you come, I want you to know Daddy and I will be the best parents we know how to be… and willing to learn right along side you. Your sister taught us a lot as I’m sure you will too. At least I feel more confident and better prepared this time! (Of course that means you are going to throw me a curve ball, right?)

See you soon!

Love you,


Tahlia B.

Friday 16th of November 2012

*sniffle* This is just too sweet. You are going to do great, Darcy. I can't wait to meet Baby Z!


Saturday 17th of November 2012

Aw thanks :) I can't wait to introduce him to you! And see what crazy adventures these two take me on.