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How Many Did You Have? 10 Most Common Pregnancy Cravings

Have you wondered if the weird pregnancy cravings shown in movies are a myth, like pickles with ice cream? Many pregnant women report experiencing food cravings. Pregnancy food cravings differ from regular food cravings because they are much more intense. It’s unlike any food craving I’ve ever had before.

Though I never combined pickles with my ice cream!

Are you trying to get pregnant and wondering about pregnancy cravings? Whether you are currently pregnant or trying to conceive, pickles and ice cream might be in your future! Click to learn more about the 10 Most Common Pregnancy Cravings.

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I craved roasted pumpkin seeds throughout the first trimester. Occasionally I would have a sudden and intense desire for milk and brownies. I even sent my husband to the store once to get me brownies, because I thought I needed them RIGHT NOW. (He was a sweetheart and obliged.)

For the rest of my first pregnancy and throughout most of my second one, I constantly craved spicy foods. Specifically I craved taco bowls and frequently asked my husband to grab dinner from Qdoba.

Overall, I found most of my cravings leaned towards healthier snacks, such as fruits and veggies with hummus. My particular experience was also impacted by having gestational diabetes, which meant I was required to limit my carb and sugar intake.

10 Most Common Pregnancy Cravings

This information is not medical advice and should not be considered as such. This article is for education and information purposes only. Please discuss any issues or concerns about your pregnancy diet with your medical provider. 

1. Pickles

We hear about pickle cravings often but what does it mean if you crave pickles while pregnant? It might mean you’re low on sodium, but there’s not really any solid proof of this medically. For some people it’s the taste or the crunch that satisfies them while pregnant.

2. Fruit

Growing your baby is a lot of work! Your body wants to be healthy and provide your unborn baby with nutrients. If you experience fruit cravings, it may be an indication that you’re not getting your daily allowance. Fruits can give your body a boost of Vitamin C which can help you stay healthy. Overall, fruit cravings are good for you and your baby.

If you are like me, fruits are not an issue, but vegetables can be a struggle. Check out these easy ways to add more vegetables to your pregnancy diet by Knocked Up Noshing.

3. Ice Cream

Ice cream is sweet and creamy, cools you off, and is traditionally considered a “feel good” food. It’s no surprise that many pregnant women crave ice cream. Have fresh or frozen strawberries? Blend up your own homemade strawberry ice cream! Whether pregnant or not, enjoy sweet treats in moderation.

4. Chips

You might experience pregnancy craving for chips because of the salt and crunch. While chips aren’t considered a healthy snack, they are generally fine in moderation. If it’s the crunch you crave, try satisfying it with baby carrots or celery.

5. Soda

Craving soda during your pregnancy? It could be the sugar or the bubbles that you crave. Soda can be rough on your teeth and your teeth may be sensitive during pregnancy. Due to the high sugar and caffeine, soda should be limited or avoided, if possible. If you do drink soda, brush well after.

Water is the best choice, especially since hydration is extremely important. Our Strawberry Lime Spritzer drink recipe may be a satisfying alternative for a bubbly beverage.

6. Ice

The craving to eat non-food items, such as ice, chalk, or dirt is called pica. Eating non-food items is generally not healthy for you or your baby and could be an indication of an underlying issue. For example, some women with pregnancy cravings for non-food items have low iron levels.

If you crave ice cubes, use caution as chewing ice can damage your teeth. If it’s not a frequent craving, then ice is probably fine. It is still a good idea to mention it to your OBGYN or other medical provider. If you are craving dirt, soap, and other non-food items, definitely inform your doctor so they can evaluate your vitamin and mineral levels.

7. Coffee

Coffee in moderation shouldn’t hurt you or the baby. However, be aware of the amount of caffeine and sugar (if you enjoy specialty or iced coffees) you have on a daily basis. If you are a regular coffee drinker, you may want to discuss daily limits with your medical provider.

8. Chocolate

Chocolate is a comfort food for many people. It is sweet and contains caffeine, making it a common food craving. In moderation, it should be okay to enjoy as well.

9. Spicy Food

Spicy food, provided it’s healthy, won’t hurt you or your baby. However, it might give you heartburn, which is also common in pregnancy. Keep this in mind when you are wishing for spicy dishes. Try our Black Bean Avocado Taco Cups recipe for a tasty snack or a quick dinner.

10. Sour Food

If you want lemons or similar sour foods, it’s typically okay to eat them during your pregnancy. Many people find they have cravings for sour foods they wouldn’t normally want to eat.

If you have ever been pregnant, you know all about pregnancy cravings (at least most women do). If you have not been pregnant before, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about cravings more than once. People talk about them, they are referenced in popular culture, and you probably at least saw pregnancy cravings featured in a movie. Food cravings can actually happen to anyone (and they do) but pregnant women seem more likely to get them.

Have you ever had any of these cravings? What are the weirdest cravings you ever experienced (pregnant or not)?

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