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Feeling Like a Cloth Diaper Flunky [Because Prompts are Fun]

Once upon a time I loved cloth diapering. I even loved doing diaper laundry. While pregnant with Xander I looked forward to cloth diapering a newborn and packed them in my hospital bag. I've used cloth with Rissa for two years – I'm a fluff veteran! I thought. Think of all the


Expanding Our Cloth Diaper Stash With Neutral Colors

When we decided to switch to cloth diapers, I tried to stick with buying neutral colors. I did get a few girly colors (purple!) at first, but mostly wanted to build a stash that would work for our future children regardless of their sex. Well, with all the cute prints and colors


This Time I’m Cloth Diapering a Newborn! #clothdiapers

With Rissa, we started out using disposables. I didn't attempt cloth until she was 3 months old, going on 4 months old. Now at nearly 23 months old, it feels like we've always used cloth! I'm not quite sure why I planned on sposies (they are very mainstream, but expensive), but once


5 of My Favorite Cloth Diaper Prints #clothdiapers

One of the best parts about using cloth diapers is the fabric options. There are so many different looks, colors and textures. I started out with mostly neutral colors and a few “girly” colors and slowly got lured in by prints. It's what makes fluff so addicting to buy! So many cute


My Perfect Dream Cloth Diaper

Now that I have been a cloth diapering mama for over a year, I feel a bit more knowledgable. I'm no longer “new” to cloth and have a pretty good sense of what I do and don't like in a reusable diaper. With more than 40 diapers in our stash from a


The Importance of Hip Snaps on Cloth Diapers for Slim Babies

Not all cloth diapers are created equal. This is a good thing, believe me! But, one feature I've noticed has been a great addition on some is the hip snap. This snap is an extra behind the waist snaps. If you've wondered about an oddly placed third snap (for example) that is


The Challenges of Cloth Diapering a Toddler

When I started cloth diapering my daughter, I figured everything would be pretty easy once we got into it. For the most part it has been easy… Well, easier than I initially thought it would be. However, I learned I cannot just find a routine and be done with it. Oh no,


If I Ever Have to Replace My Stash, I’ll Get a Set of Glow Bug Diapers

I have a lot of cloth diapers, but I always like having more. Every diaper we own (minus a couple) I love for different uses and reasons. We have lovely prints that go well with outfits. We have super absorbent ones perfect for nighttime. Some are great for naps, others are awesome


A Simply Awesome AIO Cloth Diaper: Swaddlebees Simplex

I don't own very main All-in-One (AIO) cloth diapers because I find they don't get clean enough and they take too long to dry. Plus, I can't usually add additional absorbency. I had one I liked a lot, but I've found a new one I like just a bit more: The Simplex


Next Time Around, I’m Using Cloth at Birth!

When Rissa was born, I pretty much figured we would use disposables. It seemed like the normal thing to do. My image of cloth diapering was still that of flats, pins and rubber pants. But, as Rissa grew out of the newborn stage, I started researching modern cloth. I was intrigued and