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Stripping… Cloth Diapers #fallfluff

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Today I want to chat with you about stripping your cloth diapers. I’m really hoping you can teach me something! This is something I have very little experience in. I’ve read plenty about it but really haven’t stripped mine yet. I did have to do an overnight soak when changing detergents, but that’s the closest I’ve come to stripping them. Admittedly, I think they are starting to retain a bit of stink now. And there are a few diapers that seem too get soaked through faster now, but I think she’s a heavier wetter now.

What Does Stripping Diapers Mean?

Stripping your diapers means you are taking extra measures to remove any buildup. This is different than your regular routine for washing cloth diapers.

Why Would Diapers Need to be Stripped?

Over time build up of detergent, oils, dirt, creams, etc can occur. When there’s build up, your diapers aren’t working as well and aren’t getting cleaned thoroughly. People usually refer to their fluff as having “the stinkies.”  They don’t smell clean and/or are repelling wetness. Using too much or too little detergent and using rash creams that aren’t safe for cloth can led to this. Some people think you should regularly strip your diapers, others say do it when you notice a problem.

How Can I Strip My Diapers?

  • One way is to “rock a soak,” letting your diapers soak in HOT water overnight. This often refers to using Rockin Green Soap during the soak.
  • Another method is to repeatedly wash in super hot water with NO detergent until water is clear. This should be done with clean diapers, not soiled.
  • Using Dawn soap. Be very careful with this! If you do this method only use 1 or 2 DROPS in the wash machine (maybe do it in the sink). Rinse until all the bubbles are gone.
  • By hand in hot water. Grab your gloves! (Or a hand washing kit)
  • I’m thinking about trying the grape stomp method… it looks interesting and like a really good way to work on your inserts. Basically you are soaking and stomping them in your bathtub.

For more information and methods, check out this compilation at Zany-Zebra.

So tell me: Have you ever stripped your diapers? What method did you use? How’d it work out for you?

See what Mariah at Formula Mom and April at Mama on a Green Mission have to say about this topic.

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