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Tips For Handling Breastfeeding Pain

If you are experiencing breastfeeding pain, I understand how frustrating it can be. I remember how uncomfortable it was to nurse my first baby and considered whether or not we should continue. Breastfeeding pain is one of the reasons many moms decide to stop and switch to donor milk or formula. While sometimes


7 Best Tips For Storing Breast Milk In The Freezer

When you begin breastfeeding your baby, you may or may not be thinking about storing breast milk for later.  If you are planning to return to work after maternity leave, you will want to begin building a freezer stash. Even if you are planning to remain at home and breastfeed on demand, there


Tips For Full Figure Breastfeeding Moms

As a long time full figure breastfeeding mom, I have lots of experience on how to make it easier and more manageable.  Being a larger breasted mom doesn’t always mean you have plentiful milk, nor does it mean it will be easy to breastfeed.  These tips will make the transition to breastfeeding


Keeping the Kids Safe and Warm at Night #HALOSleepSack

We received HALO SleepSacks to review and share information with you.  One of my must haves for itty bitty babies is a HALO SleepSack. We bought some when Rissa was born and a swaddle one for Xander. Having both of my kids before Wisconsin winter is in full force means lots of


My Top 5 Baby Money Saving Tips for New Parents

One of the first things I wanted to figure out as new parents was how we could save money on baby gear. I’m not a money saving expert.  In fact, I am much better at spending than saving. Well, I guess I have some idea on how to save so you can spend.


How Still Nursing My Toddler Helped With Breastfeeding My Newborn

When I was pregnant with my daughter I never imagined that I would still be breastfeeding her at 2 years old.  Or beyond 2. Despite a few disapproving comments, most people don’t realize that I’m still nursing my toddler 1-2 times a day.  I thought she would wean during my pregnancy, but


Car Seat Safety Features You Can See

Thank you to Britax for providing this car seat for us to review.  This is part one to show you the safety features you can see on the Advocate 70-G3 (Amazon link) and that it can be used for an infant and a toddler. You never quite realize how much you value


Feeling Like a Cloth Diaper Flunky [Because Prompts are Fun]

Once upon a time I loved cloth diapering.  I even loved doing diaper laundry.  While pregnant with Xander I looked forward to cloth diapering a newborn and packed them in my hospital bag.  I’ve used cloth with Rissa for two years – I’m a fluff veteran! I thought.  Think of all the


Tips for Dressing Newborns

I almost forgot how awkward it can be to dress and change clothes on a newborn.  It is certainly much different than a toddler who can help get dressed!  I felt more at ease this time than when Rissa was a baby, but still… they are so little and you try to


Overcoming Speech Issues When Tongue-Tied {Guest Post}

My son was a preemie, born at 32 weeks gestation weighing in at a whopping 3lbs, 5oz. He was full breech, and the doctors broke his arm getting him out. None of this relates to the rest of my story, but it’s important because it shows that the doctors were so busy


The Struggles of Having a Small Kitchen

Would it shock you if I told you my kitchen is an organizational nightmare?  It truly is.  We struggle with clutter and lack of space… and not knowing how to utilize the space we do have.  I think this has been an issue all my life, in all honesty.  Having kids has


Expanding Our Cloth Diaper Stash With Neutral Colors

When we decided to switch to cloth diapers, I tried to stick with buying neutral colors.  I did get a few girly colors (purple!) at first, but mostly wanted to build a stash that would work for our future children regardless of their sex.  Well, with all the cute prints and colors


For the Love of My Teeth and Gums #CrestSponsored

I’ve previously shared with you that I didn’t have access to proper dental care when I was growing up.  As I’ve gotten older, wiser, and a card carrying dental health plan member, I’ve taken the care of my teeth and gums more seriously.  That’s not to say I’m perfect with my daily


This Time I’m Cloth Diapering a Newborn! #clothdiapers

With Rissa, we started out using disposables.  I didn’t attempt cloth until she was 3 months old, going on 4 months old.  Now at nearly 23 months old, it feels like we’ve always used cloth!  I’m not quite sure why I planned on sposies (they are very mainstream, but expensive), but once


OraLine Kids Dental Care Kit Wrap Up

So we’ve talked about how germy and gross bathrooms can be and the concerns of toothbrush cross-contamination. It’s seriously something I didn’t think much about until having my daughter. I swear I’m more aware of germs in general since she’s come along… every time she touches things I think are disgusting or


Keep Tooth Brushing Fun and Healthy With OraLine Kids Products!

Oral hygiene is so important for us moms to teach to our littles.  The tooth brushing habits they form when young will make a big difference throughout their life.  I know I have a hard time changing my routine as an adult even though my dentist tells me to… I just can’t


5 of My Favorite Cloth Diaper Prints #clothdiapers

One of the best parts about using cloth diapers is the fabric options.  There are so many different looks, colors and textures.  I started out with mostly neutral colors and a few “girly” colors and slowly got lured in by prints.  It’s what makes fluff so addicting to buy!  So many cute


5 Tips for Bath Time Fun!

5 Tips to Bath Time Fun 1 – Use a baby/toddler tub. The size of the tub will seem less scary when they can sit inside a smaller version. 2 – Have plenty of bath friendly toys. Rubber duckies, buckets with holes, boats, letters and more can be great fun. A doll


Misconceptions About the TIME to Stop Breastfeeding

Moms (and non-parents) are up in arms about a recent TIME magazine cover and article. While I have not read the article, I’ve seen the cover. It achieved what TIME wanted (I presume) which was to shock and cause controversy. Yes, thanks, TIME for driving a bigger wedge among moms and those


Rissa Has a Big Girl Cup!

Since I was first pregnant with Rissa and working on my baby registry, I’d heard a lot of good things about Tommee Tippee products.  I mostly knew about their bottles at the time.  Since we didn’t really use bottles, I didn’t get to try any.  I’ve continued to hear positive remarks about