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5 Pet Peeves About Flying

As I mentioned, I am now at Blissdom. After arriving Thursday via an early flight, I was reminded of some of the annoying aspects of flying. Rude people, lack of legroom, and expensive merchandise didn’t make it onto the list today. (Video) Oh and I forgot to talk about how to handle


Close Encounters of the Possibly Paranormal Kind

I don’t think I’ve encountered anything more chilling than an unexplained object falling on my face in the middle of the night. When it happened, I tried to come up with a logical explanation, but there just wasn’t one. It was just too bizarre that I had to believe it was ghost


Random Life Update – October 2012

While I give you glimpses into my life all the time, sometimes it feels like there is just so much left out. Sure, every week I give you an update on my pregnancy, but there’s more going on than just that! Also with the September Sprinkles event there were a lot of


I Have Gestational Diabetes Again

In the near future I will share some helpful information about coping and managing gestational diabetes, but right now I just need to get my thoughts and feelings out. This is where I take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of my blog. Quick run down in case you aren’t familiar with all


Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This

Crappy days, tired days, lazy days, bad hair days, toddler won’t let me work days…. Okay so my mom didn’t exactly tell me what kinds of days I’d have in life, but she did tell me there will be “those days.” I seem to have “those days” a lot right now. Days


What Will Be the Impact of Baby #2?

I must admit I’m relieved to no longer be keeping Baby #2 a secret from all of you. I’ve almost slipped up in a few posts (like talking about car seats!) about the baby on-the-way. I’ve also been very anxious to start blogging about my second pregnancy. I started this blog about


My Daughter’s Dolls Are Nudists

I used to think it was funny and a bit odd to see people out in public and their child holding a naked doll. Now, we are one of those families. Do you see the topless doll in her hand? I felt weird trying to photograph her dolls without their clothes so


Just a Few More Days… #TheAvengersEvent

I can hardly believe my (first!) trip to New York is in just a few short days. Early Friday morning I’m leeeeaving on a jet plane…. and won’t be home until late Sunday evening. While I’m still nervous about flying without my husband and dealing with anxiety over being away from my


Am I Ready to Leave My Baby for the Weekend?

Once upon a time before having kids, I imagined wanting to have kid-free nights… as often as necessary and possible to keep me sane. To have ME time. It didn’t take long before I discovered I don’t often want kid-free time. Maybe “off of my lap” time, but not “completely out of


It’s Work to Take Off of Work

When I worked full-time, I looked forward to time off yet the return from vacation was always a major downer. Cases continued to be assigned evening I wasn’t there, deadlines approached, emails and voicemails piled up, and it was hard to trust that your coverage person worked as thoroughly as you on

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