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My Daughter’s Dolls Are Nudists

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I used to think it was funny and a bit odd to see people out in public and their child holding a naked doll. Now, we are one of those families.


Do you see the topless doll in her hand? I felt weird trying to photograph her dolls without their clothes so this is the best candid shot I could provide.

I’m not quite sure when Rissa’s dolls started refusing their clothes. I think it started with taking off the mermaid tale on Coral, the Lalaloopsy Mermaid. She has legs and comes with a bathing suit too… That my daughter won’t let me put on her.

Then her other mermaids (Moxie Girls) have tops that are easy to take off…which she did. They aren’t flat chested though. Rissa points out they have “mak” (milk) as nonchalantly as she points out their ears and noses. She did try to take their tails off, but they aren’t removable. She handed them to me pleading “stuck” but I couldn’t do anything about it.

A few other dolls are still clothed only because it’s attached. She still tries to free them from their fabric jails, but gets frustrated in the process. To her their clothing less bodies are just natural and normal.

Occassionally she puts hats on them.

She likes to take them with her when we go for walks or run errands. At first I was embarrassed, insisting they were cold and needed jackets. Now, I just accept that she has naked toys that I don’t have to buy extra clothes for… Yet.

Does your kid have toys without clothes? Or some other quirk in their play?

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