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Talkin’ About Kids and Tattoos

Recently one of my bloggy friends, Leilani the lovely lady behind Soleil Selene, wrote a post about the future discussion she will have with her daughters about tattoos and body piercings.

Now, I know I’m not the only (bloggy) mama with a tattoo. They’ve become increasingly popular over the years and a little less taboo. But, I think most of us know someone who regrets getting a tattoo… typically a fad type one when they turned 18 (barbed wire armband anyone?).

Personally, I love tattoos. I think they look good (if done well, shoddy work is a different story) and often carry a memorable story. (Yes, I loved watching L.A. Ink and Miami Ink!)  I wanted a tattoo since I was in high school (along with several piercings), but didn’t get one until a couple years ago.

I’m glad I waited. I put thought into deciding what to get and won’t regret it. As for the body piercings, I’m glad I didn’t get them – no holes or scars to worry about. Funny thing is, I didn’t get them before because I didn’t think I could handle the pain… I’m a big wuss when it comes to pain (at least before giving birth naturally!).

Here’s my one so far (I have a few others I want to get):

Fresh and shiny with ointment.

Now some people may think it doesn’t qualify as a meaningful tattoo. It’s Metallica’s logo – one of my favorite bands for.. well, most of my life. Getting it done carries more of a story!

The next one I will be getting will be in honor of Riss! (I’ve had to start saying “in honor of” because when I said “get a tattoo for Riss” a few people questioned my parenting thinking it was going on the baby…) If I could draw, I’d show you a mock up. Instead, I’ll just describe it… a pumpkin with her initials carved into it like a jack ‘o lantern. I’ll probably add the year too.

When she gets older, I don’t want her to see them with a negative stigma. If she wants any, I’ll encourage her to really think about it, wait – not rush – and tell a story with her ink.

On another note, not long after I got mine, my youngest nephew (who was two at the time) kept touching it saying “owie.”  He was the first family member to notice it, I think!

What about you? Do you have any tattoos? Any regrets?



Sunday 24th of April 2011

I do not have tattoos...I am too much of a chicken, but my sis does and they are tasteful. I personally don't like people that have more tattoos than body parts, but that is just my personal opinion. You go girl! :)


Friday 22nd of April 2011

Stopping by from the Alexa hop. I'm not a tattoo girl myself but I am not "anti-tattoo" either. Unless someone has offensive tattoos I don't have any preconceived notions or assumptions about them. For the offensive stuff, I'd feel the same if it was on their tee shirt rather than a tattoo...offensive is offensive. I can appreciate them for their expressive value, I've just never felt compelled to get one myself.



Friday 22nd of April 2011

I do not have any tattoos but my husband does and my eldest daughter (5) has said she wants to get one. We tell her she needs to wait till she's much older and has thought about it a lot because they cannot come off.

Visiting from the Alexa hop.

Callista's Ramblings


Friday 22nd of April 2011

I got a couple of tatoos when I was younger and would rather not have either of them now. But, I'm not against them.

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Mama Chocolate

Thursday 21st of April 2011

I will not ever get a tattoo...just not my cup of tea. My hubby is thinking about getting one, though, and I think I might be okay with it. I think a couple good rules that I would (strongly) suggest to my kids if they wanted one are 1.) Wait until you are no longer a hormonal teenager, probably at least 21 or more. 2.) Make sure your spouse (if you have one) is happy about it. 3.) Decide on what you want, and then wait a year. If you still want it a year later, go ahead! I think the tattoos that people end up regretting were ones they got on an impulse or when they were young and stupid. ;-)

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Saturday 23rd of April 2011

I think those are pretty good rules :)