Talkin’ About Kids and Tattoos

Recently one of my bloggy friends, Leilani the lovely lady behind Soleil Selene, wrote a post about the future discussion she will have with her daughters about tattoos and body piercings.

Now, I know I'm not the only (bloggy) mama with a tattoo. They've become increasingly popular over the years and a little less taboo. But, I think most of us know someone who regrets getting a tattoo… typically a fad type one when they turned 18 (barbed wire armband anyone?).

Personally, I love tattoos. I think they look good (if done well, shoddy work is a different story) and often carry a memorable story. (Yes, I loved watching L.A. Ink and Miami Ink!) Β I wanted a tattoo since I was in high school (along with several piercings), but didn't get one until a couple years ago.

I'm glad I waited. I put thought into deciding what to get and won't regret it. As for the body piercings, I'm glad I didn't get them – no holes or scars to worry about. Funny thing is, I didn't get them before because I didn't think I could handle the pain… I'm a big wuss when it comes to pain (at least before giving birth naturally!).

Here's my one so far (I have a few others I want to get):

Fresh and shiny with ointment.

Now some people may think it doesn't qualify as a meaningful tattoo. It's Metallica's logo – one of my favorite bands for.. well, most of my life. Getting it done carries more of a story!

The next one I will be getting will be in honor of Riss! (I've had to start saying “in honor of” because when I said “get a tattoo for Riss” a few people questioned my parenting thinking it was going on the baby…) If I could draw, I'd show you a mock up. Instead, I'll just describe it… a pumpkin with her initials carved into it like a jack ‘o lantern. I'll probably add the year too.

When she gets older, I don't want her to see them with a negative stigma. If she wants any, I'll encourage her to really think about it, wait – not rush – and tell a story with her ink.

On another note, not long after I got mine, my youngest nephew (who was two at the time) kept touching it saying “owie.” Β He was the first family member to notice it, I think!

What about you? Do you have any tattoos? Any regrets?



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