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I Have Gestational Diabetes Again

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In the near future I will share some helpful information about coping and managing gestational diabetes, but right now I just need to get my thoughts and feelings out. This is where I take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of my blog.

Quick run down in case you aren’t familiar with all the details…

First pregnancy I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at about 15 weeks. They suspected Type 2 that was undiagnosed but that wasn’t the case since I no longer had it after giving birth. I had to start insulin early on as well, fasting and breakfast were my most stubborn numbers. Lunch and dinner were nearly diet controlled.

Since I no longer work in Milwaukee, I didn’t see the point of continuing to see my last OB. Her office was near my work, but not close to my house. At the start of this pregnancy I picked an OB closer to home.

I liked her well enough and she works within the same medical system as where I gave birth previously. They now have a hospital location closer to home that opened after I had Rissa. I made sure to tell them about my early GD diagnosis last pregnancy.. And confirmed that I knew I was very likely to develop it again.

My new OB kept saying she thought I’d be fine this time at least until my third trimester. She did schedule an early glucose screening but said I’d probably pass.

I didn’t. And I can’t help but feel like I was set up for emotional failure… Given false hope. I’d be emotional over the diagnosis either way, but it seems like a disservice to talk up how I won’t have it…when I do. Again. I felt a little blindsided.

It was better when I was going into the whole thing figuring I’d have it early again even though I hoped for a low risk pregnancy.

I wasn’t given my results until a week after the test despite the lab tech telling me the results would be in my chart that afternoon. Then it was time to schedule the 3 hour glucose tolerance test. Today is over a week after that test.

Yep, finally got the results today. I have it again.

I’m told by a nurse that I’m being referred to a diabetic educator and endocrinologist. This is different than how it was handled last time. Last time I worked with the maternal fetal medicine (MFM) department at the hospital I was to deliver at to manage my diabetes. I asked about this since there is a MFM department in their system at the hospital that is 15 minutes away from my house.

But no, instead I’m to go see this other doctor at one of two locations that’s at least 30 minutes away. (We only have one car and hubby has to take off of work or go in late so I can get to my appointments.) I say that I don’t like this plan and want to know my options. I wait for the nurse to consult with my OB.

Well, for then to send a note to her. I don’t get to talk to her and each time I talk to a different nurse in a call center type set up.

She wants me to see the endocrinologist because MFM would mean more appointments. I can work with the other office over email or phone to monitor my levels (umm same as how MFM did it for me last time). Fine. I agree and am asked which location I’d prefer. I request the one closest and get transferred to schedule an appointment.

I’m on hold for a bit when I realize I’m not sure what the doctor’s name is I’m supposed to meet with. It gets figured out since there’s an order in the computer system. The nurse says the first available appointment is August 31st.

August 31st! Hell no. Gestational diabetes treatment can’t wait another 6 weeks to start. While I haven’t been as tight on my diet as I’ll need to be now, I know waiting that long just puts baby and me in danger. I tell her that’s not acceptable, I need to see this doctor ASAP.

Okay, appointment this Saturday at the other location. So the office I did not want to go to and I have to cancel my monthly trip to visit my parents and help them grocery shop etc.

Of course I take the appointment and once I’m off the phone I burst into tears. Tears of frustration, guilt, sadness, confusion, and fear. Poor Rissa comes over to say “mommy cry” and “sorry” as she hugs my legs. I hug her tight and assure her she didn’t do anything to make me cry.

I don’t think my OB or her clinic system handled any of this very well. I know I wasn’t happy to hear the diagnosis, but it feels like they’ve been too laid back about the whole thing. No, they don’t need to frighten women, but last time my testing and diagnosis was treated with more urgency and care for my emotions…and factoring in convenience too. Adding more hardship onto an already heavy situation doesn’t help much, ya know?

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