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Elf Arrival Letter: Printable Secret Message from Santa

Get ready for a magical surprise this Christmas! When your Elf on the Shelf arrives, they can bring this free printable secret message from Santa!

This delightful letter is not only a fun way to welcome your scout elf, but it also doubles as a decoding puzzle that your child will love unraveling.

It’s the perfect addition to your Christmas activities for kids, adding an extra touch of excitement and wonder to the holiday season. Let the secret message letter and the joy of decoding bring smiles and festive cheer to your little ones this year!

Black and red text read Free Printable Elf Arrival Letter Secret Message From Santa with preview of printable with part of the message written with green text. Background is white with evergreen branches and small ornaments along top and bottom borders.

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Elf Secret Message Printable

Having an Elf on the Shelf or another kind of scout elf has become a family holiday tradition for many families at Christmastime.

Some families prefer having Kindness elves, Santa’s lazy gnomes or even a Hide and Hug Olaf hanging out in their homes.

If your elf only visits during the holidays, then you may be looking for interesting elf arrival ideas. Some elves pull pranks on their first day, while others bring arrival letters. Another idea is to print out these elf puns, jokes & riddles to hide with your elf.

My kids enjoy decoder puzzles, so I thought it would be fun to give them one from Santa. This free printable secret message is a super easy arrival letter to use with your elf!

When Does the Elf on the Shelf Arrive?

If this is your elf’s first year visiting, they can arrive anytime throughout the holidays. Bringing a letter from the North Pole is an excellent way to introduce themselves too.

Most scouting elves return to their families between November 23rd and December 1st. To make it easier to remember, a lot of families (myself included) plan for the elf’s return on December 1st.

Then they hang out in your family’s home, often getting into a bit of silly, harmless mischief, until they return to the North Pole on Christmas Eve with Santa.

Printable decoder puzzle with a secret message from Santa. Green text fills in letters to solve the puzzle with the message: You have been good so far. Keep it up! Your present awaits!

How to Use Printable Secret Code Message

This printable secret message letter is perfect for your elf on the shelf to have when arriving. You can fold it for them to hold or have them sit or lay down next to it.

If your elf has already returned to your home, then it can place this secret message printable anytime before Christmas.

If you do not have an elf, you can pretend Santa sent it to your child after receiving their Christmas wish list.

Or, you can simply use this decoder puzzle from Santa as a fun Christmas activity!

You will need to download this free printable secret Santa message using the form below. It is for your personal use and personal classroom use only. Just save and print it out at home.

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