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Moms Get Moving With This 30 Day Walking Challenge!

Are you trying to increase your physical activity? Then join me as I redevelop my daily walk routine and go for 30 miles in 30 days. (video) I recorded that last Wednesday after deciding to just get started. Not one the first of the month. Not on Monday. Not after announcing it.


Seeking Healthy Motivation Mojo

I lost it. I lost my motivation mojo. You would think my workout routine would be basically habit by now, but no. I slowly back pedaled. I could blame the kids. I could blame stress. I could blame Brian for “letting” me skip. I could blame being sick (but only for this


Did You Know February is Heart Health Month?

February, the month of love, is also the month of heart health. So while we show our love for others, let’s remember to love our hearts too. They are hard working, after all! But seriously, it’s important to keep our hearts healthy so we can be there for our families. One of


Only 3 More Weeks to Eat Whatever, Doctor’s Orders

Gah, I hate that I have to tell you I still am not up to 4 days a week of my Nike+ Kinect Training workouts. But I’m not dwelling on it. We’ve kept up at least 2-3 times a week so that’s better than nothing, right? Also….while I’m still not doing so


Eat Healthier and Save Money by Menu Planning #getthrifty

What if I told you there was just one thing you could do that would help you save money on groceries and eat healthier? In our constant budget battle and battle of the bulge, there’s one crucial piece that has the power to make it work or throw us off course. Menu


Making Fitness a Family Affair

Last week was a rough week. I had a couple challenging days with the kids which led to a skipped workout and some comfort eating. I skipped a second workout at the end of the week due to exhaustion. I literally could not keep my eyes open on Saturday evening so we


I Took My Workout to the Next Level

Last week I had my 6 week post partum checkup and everything was A-OK so I am clear for a more intense workout. While I might be able to do it, there’s question about if I’m actually capable of doing it. Last week I set out some pretty clear goals that I



There’s been a growing trend of ditching New Year’s resolutions in favor of focusing on one word for the year. Like the year of change. Love. Risk. While I still set goals for myself, I’ve thought a bit about this one word business. initially Serentity seemed appropriate, but I think Acceptance is


It’s Been a Slow Start #Mamavation Monday

As much as I want to get more active this year, get healthier and lose weight, I know I’ll stick with it better if I ease into it. I know that sounds counter intuitive, but unless someone is keeping me on track I’ll get overwhelmed trying to make lots of changes all


Pledging to the Sistahood #Mamavation Monday

Hi, my name is Darcy and I like to eat sweets and everything bad for you. But that’s okay… I only have a couple days left to stuff my face so freely. Then it’s time to face the music because today is the last day before the start of a new year.

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