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12 Weeks Old & Another Hormonal Rollercoaster

I really can’t believe that Rissa is 12 weeks old now! I also think it’s weird that she technically isn’t 3 months until January 31st. I know why and how it works out like that, but she’s getting too old for me to keep counting the weeks.

She’s grown so much and I love her to pieces. She’s definitely cemented her place in the family!

What’s interesting is that I’m experiencing another hormonal shift. I read everywhere about the plunge after birth. Knowing about still didn’t prepare me for how intensely sensitive I’d be, but I was able to keep myself in check most of the time. The rest of the time, that was Brian’s job!

Recently I read that there’s another plunge 3 months after delivering. I wish I would have bookmarked these things…. along with the 3 month mood swing, I read this is when the hair loss hits (at least if it didn’t hit before), and when breastfeeding mamas start shedding the weight.

I was a bit skeptical, but I’ve noticed a change in my moods over the past few days. They are similar to my baby blue period, but milder. This is what I’ve noticed:

  • Hair loss/shedding – I didn’t really have much loss until now
  • Headaches
  • PMSy feeling – moodwise
  • More easily frustrated & overwhelmed than usual

I don’t think I’ll ever be the same again, in every sense!

But she’s worth it. I’d do it again! I just remind myself to take a breath & this will pass too…well, at least I’ll even out again. :)