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So Big! Two Month Well Baby Checkup

Rissa continues to earn A+s when she goes for her well baby checkups – thank goodness! That puts my mind at ease, y’know.

I mean, I know it’s my job to worry about her more than anyone else ever will, but it’s great to get feedback on her growth. If she’s growing, she’s eating and developing. This means I’m accomplishing the basic parenting skills at the very least.

When she was born, she was 6lbs 10oz, 19.75in. She was just a bit below average.

At her 2-3 week check up she was 6lbs 13oz, 20in. Still just a bit below average.

At her 2 month check up she was 10lbs 8oz and 23 inches long. This put her at the 50th percentile for weight and the 90th percentile for height.

We have no clue where she got the height from! It certainly isn’t from me or my side of the family. I’m only about 5’3″-5’4″ and my dad is 5’2.5″… shorties! What a growth spurt she had, I tell ya. She caught up in weight and got really long almost out of nowhere. One day she takes up my whole lap across and is kicking the arm of the glider.

It’s amazing to gaze her growth from how we nurse. We had to move on from the cross cradle position to the cradle position because of her growth (which is a good thing!).

This also meant she outgrew her footed newborn outfits before outgrowing her newborn sized onesies. It was kinda amusing because her newborn sleepers were still loose in the torso, but when she stretched her legs out, it pulled the collar down.

Shortly after moving up to 0-3/3month sized clothing, we moved up to Size 1 disposable diapers from the newborn size.

These are mini-milestones, I tell ya.

Well, the doctor said we’ll have to see if she continues being tall!

Overall, she did well throughout the visit. She was quite alert and interested in the medical equipment on the wall. (Ooh shiny)

At her 2 month checkup she also had her first vaccinations (1 oral, 3 shots – one being a 3 combo). It was rough hearing her cry out, she I was able to soothe her before we left and she was fine except for a couple random crys that night. (She would start kicking and cry out, probably feeling the soreness from the tetanus shot.)

I can’t believe how much she’s grown!

Photo courtesy of Subconsci Productions @ Flickr