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Printable Geeky Dads Build Character Card

Need a last minute Father’s Day card? This Geeky Dads Build Character printable card featuring a dragon silhouette and a rainbow watercolor D20 is a great option.

I love the simplicity of this card. I designed it to be a fun card that is easy to include with a gift, and has plenty of room to write inside.

Just print it out, write a message inside, and it’s ready to give!

While it’s an excellent Father’s Day card, it doesn’t say Happy Father’s Day on the front or inside. This way it can also be used for Dad’s birthday, other holidays, or any special occasion.

Black and white text on a green background at top says Printable Father's Day Card. Photo of printed out card that says Geeky Dads Build Character with a dragon and watercolor D20. Assorted dice are placed around the card.

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Geeky Dads Build Character Printable Father’s Day Card

There are lots of Father’s Day cards out there with themes like tools, fishing, golf, grilling, or ties, but not as many for dads who love playing family board games, Dungeons & Dragons, and video games.

So I was inspired to create a few geeky, nerdy themed cards.

This card won’t fit in a regular letter sized envelope, but you can make a custom envelope using paper if needed.

To print this card, first you will need to fill out the form at the bottom of this post and it’ll be sent to your email.

Overhead view of card printed out. Front of card has Geeky Dads in green text at the top, then a dragon silhouette flying towards a rainbow watercolor D20, and below the dragon is green text Build Character. Assorted polyhedral dice are scattered around the card.

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Next, select “fit” otherwise it may not print correctly. It looks best when printed on white card stock paper, but can also be printed on regular printer paper too.

I printed this card out using our Epson EcoTank printer, which I recommend if you do a lot of printing like we do. If you don’t want to print it out at home, you may go some place such as a local print shop or Office Depot.

This printable card is for personal use only, but you can save and print as many as you need to give to your friends and family. If you are a teacher, you may print enough for the students in your personal classroom.

After printing, line up the edges and fold it in half. You can leave the card full sized or trim the edges if desired.

Finally, pair it with one of these gaming gift ideas for dads!

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Get the Geeky Dads Build Character Printable Card