Easy Cotton Ball Snowman Craft for Kids

Winter is the time for ice, cozy mittens, and snowmen. Keep the winter doldrums away by making these adorable cotton ball snowmen with your kiddos. You probably have everything you need to make these right at home and you won’t have to hunt down obscure craft supplies online.

This is one snowman craft you’ll actually do this winter!

Looking for fun and easy winter crafts for kids? This easy Cotton Ball Snowman craft activity for kids is perfect for an afternoon indoors. This would also make a wonderful project for a classroom art center (at school or for homeschool). Click to get the directions on how to make these cute cotton ball snowmen! #wintercrafts #snowman #crafts #kids #winter #kidcrafts
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My kids love going outside to play in the snow, but we haven't gotten as much snow this year as we usually do. The snow we have gotten has not been ideal for making snowmen – it's too light and powdery. You need good packing snow to make a snowman!

How to Make the Cotton Ball Snowman Craft

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This snowman craft for kids is a fun indoor activity to do on days when it's too cold to play outside.

Do you want to build a snowman?

Sorry, I couldn't resist. The set up was too perfect, though now we both have that song stuck in our heads.

Craft supplies you will need to make cotton ball snowmen.


Cotton ball snowman winter craft for kids

Directions for making cotton ball snowmen:

  1. Cut an orange nose for each snowman from felt.
  2. Glue two cotton balls together.
  3. Glue two stick arms to the snowman. You can get the sticks from outside or you can use craft wood sticks like these.
  4. Glue on two pom poms to the top cotton ball for earmuffs
  5. Glue two googly eyes on the top cotton ball.
  6. Glue two buttons to the bottom cotton ball.
  7. Since these snowmen are so small, you don’t need to add any other features unless you want to, or the kids want to.
  8. Wait for the glue to dry before playing with the snowmen. Use the snowmen to decorate your house or classroom, send them home with the kids to play with, or glue them to a piece of paper to make a 3D winter scene.

Cotton ball snowman kids craft activity

Kids will love how they can not only make this snowman craft, but play with it too!

We hope you enjoy making cotton ball snowmen with your kids. Whether or not you live in a cold weather state, this cotton ball snowman craft for kids is the perfect way to make a snowman while staying inside where it's warm. It's also a fun idea for a kindergarten art center!

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