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Biomes Printable Coloring Pages for Kids

These free printable Biomes coloring pages are perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade.

You can easily use these for learning at home or at school. They work well as a quiet activity for morning work or as part of different unit studies.

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Light blue background with text overlay on top Free Printable and middle says Biomes Coloring & Writing Book. Desert, Ocean, Arctic, and Savanna pages shown.

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Printable Biomes Coloring Book

Coloring and tracing the name of the different biomes can help kids reinforce what they are learning.

Tracing each word helps them practice reading, spelling, and printing.

Close view of girl's hand holding marker and tracing the word cave.

Coloring in the pictures can help them remember what each biome looks like and they can refer to photos while working on it.

Plus, coloring helps strengthen fine motor skills and can be quite relaxing.

Children may want to draw the animals that live there too! An excellent book to go along with these coloring sheets is 1,000 Things in Nature.

So what are biomes?

This is one of the things Minecraft teaches kids. Through playing and creating Minecraft worlds, kids learn that a biome is a distinct geographical area with certain plants and animals living within it.

Arctic, cave, and desert pages printed out and laying on gray wooden background.

Here are the biomes included in this printable pack:

  1. arctic
  2. beach
  3. cave
  4. desert
  5. forest
  6. mountains
  7. ocean
  8. pond
  9. prairie
  10. rainforest
  11. river
  12. savanna

For another fun way to learn about biomes, play the Planet board game with your kids!

Planet is a unique, hands-on 3D game from Blue Orange Games where players try to create the most populated world.

Players take turns building their world by adding and arranging different landscape tiles to their planet core. Players gain animal cards by fulfilling conditions with certain landscapes.

How to Use Biome Coloring Sheets

This printable is for your personal use at home or for your personal classroom only. You can print it out at home or at school on regular printer paper as many times as you need.

Forest and beach biome coloring pages colored with markers laying on a wooden background.

Provide children with plenty of colored pencils, crayons, or markers for them to color with and trace the words.

You can print the pages out and staple them together as a packet. Another idea is to use a hole punch and put the pages in a binder or 3-prong folder.

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