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Parts of an Apple Printable Activity

This printable parts of an apple activity is perfect for preschool and kindergarten children.

Fall is a great time of year to learn about apples and it’s easy to include these activities into an apple unit study.

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Three pages of printable apple activity on gray wood background. One page with instructions, one with stem, core and seeds, and the third with cross section for labeling parts.

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Printable Apple Activities

Apples are a popular snack for kids and many families go apple picking during fall, which provides natural learning opportunities for preschoolers, kindergartners and kids of all ages.

I like when we can teach the kids through real world experience and hands on activities, as well as books and worksheets.

Our printable packet includes two activities to help young children learn what are the parts of an apple.

Two apple worksheets with some labels cut and pasted to identify parts. Papers laying on a gray wood background.

Let them examine a real one – by looking at it, touching it, smelling it, and tasting it. Cut it open for them and discuss how it looks, how and where it grows, and how it tastes. It’ll be an educational snack!

Then use these printable activities to reinforce and review what they learned. Another fun idea to do while learning about the parts of an apple is to make an apple stamp painting. Get creative and use them to create art!

Cut and Paste Label the Apple

There are two worksheets to label the parts of an apple diagram. One focuses on what can be seen on the outside and the other is a cross-section showing the inside of the fruit.

Young learners will practice several skills to complete this activity, such as scissor skills to cut out the words, fine motor skills to glue them in place, as well as reading and labeling the pieces.

Close view of white girl's hands gluing down words to label apple parts on a worksheet.

Another option is to read the parts aloud and have kids identify them by pointing rather than cutting and pasting the words.

Build an Apple Craft

The other activity provides kids an opportunity to build one. You can cut everything out ahead of time and let kids put together the parts for an easy apple craft.

Another option is to laminate the apple pieces to allow repeated use of the build an apple activity.

White girl's hands gluing cut out pieces of an apple onto paper.

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Download Parts of an Apple Printable Activity

This printable is for your personal use at home or for your personal classroom only. You can print it out at home or at school on regular printer paper as many times as you need.

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