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Ocean DIY Pop Up Book for Kids

Making custom pop up books for kids is a fun activity! This project encourages creativity, storytelling, and writing practice.

Children can even illustrate their story as well as add in pop up ocean animals for added excitement.

The printable template includes writing prompts, book pages, and five different ocean animals. This would be a great activity to do along with our Ocean Density Tower.

We also have a Christmas pop up book printable you may enjoy.

Example pages from ocean pop up book printable on blue background.

DIY Ocean Pop Up Book for Kids

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Did you ever read a choose your own adventure book?

The story starts out like any other, but you get to a certain point in the book and you have to make a choice about what will happen next!

You can re-read the story again and again and be reading a whole new story each time. I love this concept and thought it would be great “write your own adventure” project!

This printable pack is perfect for story writing for grade 3 and up.

It provides the pages for your book, with options on prompts to begin your story, choose a conflict, pick a plot and write a conclusion.

This pack has a fun, extra twist! It’s also a pop up book.

Upper elementary students will enjoy writing their guided story and piecing together their pop-up figures in this fun, hands on activity.

How to Make Your Custom Ocean Book

There are five ocean animals to choose from, and you can use them more than once if you like! Just print out the animals you will need.

There are spaces at the top of each page of your book for illustrating and placing the pop ups in. 

There are fun writing prompts for elementary kids to guide the story.

If you have something else in mind, feel free to skip the prompts and create a book all on your own!

  1. Cut out the book pages (grab your printable below).
  2. This pack includes a cover and five pages to write your story on. If you need more pages, you can print as many as you need.
  3. Cut out the pages you need.
  4. Cut the animals out, either cutting around the animal edges, in a square with a white background, or a bubble cut around the animal.
  5. Write your adventure using your own creativity or the writing prompts provided in the printable template.
  6. Illustrate your story and include the animals of your choice.
  7. Follow the Pop-Up Book Instructions (see below) to make your book a pop-up book.
  8. Assemble pages and staple along staple lines.

Pop Up Book Instructions

  1. Cut out animal desired (either detailed cut or bubble cut around animal). 
  2. Cut out the “animal spring” from the pop up book template (available below) 
  3. Fold the animal spring in an accordion fold. (Criss crossing the paper strips back and forth over each other)
  4. Tape or glue one side of the spring to your ocean animal cut out.
  5. Attach the other side of the spring to the book page. 

Please Note: The spring works best when printed on cardstock or thick paper.

DIY Ocean Pop Up Book Template Printable

This homemade pop up book template can be printed out at home or you can use a printing service.

It’s available for your personal or classroom use only.

Download and save this ocean themed book printable and use it as many times as you’d like.

Share this post with someone else who would love to use these printables with their children or students so they can download their own set!

Preview images of pages from printable pack and text overlay stating Choose Your Own Adventure Ocean Pop Up Book Project

Click to download your ocean themed pop up book template

We hope that you’ll enjoy using these choose your own adventure story writing prompts and custom pop-up book project to spark creativity with your kids at home or in the classroom!

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