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Winter Suncatcher Craft

Looking for some fun and easy winter crafts for kids? Why not try our delightful winter suncatcher craft? This adorable project, featuring a winter hat and mittens, is a fantastic way to bring the magic of winter indoors. Whether at home or school, kids of all ages can enjoy creating these whimsical suncatchers.

This craft project is not only an entertaining way to engage with winter-themed books, but also a brilliant opportunity to work on fine motor skills. An easy setup means it’s perfect for a group of kids in a classroom environment or a fun winter art center. So, let’s gather some simple materials and get started on this exciting winter activity!

Completed hat and mittens winter suncatcher craft made with tissue paper hanging in a bright, snowy window.

Benefits of Making This Suncatcher Craft

Engaging in the winter suncatcher craft offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it provides children with a creative outlet to express themselves while creating beautiful decorations for their surroundings.

The process of cutting and gluing tissue paper contributes to the refinement of fine motor skills, an essential aspect of early childhood development. Moreover, it cultivates concentration and patience as children attentively choose colors and meticulously cover the templates.

Lastly, this enjoyable and hands-on activity deepens children’s comprehension and appreciation of the winter season, presenting an excellent opportunity to discuss cold weather and suitable attire for this time of year.

Mitten and hat winter suncatcher craft templates laying on top of blue construction paper.

What Ages Can Make the Winter Suncatcher Crafts?

The winter suncatcher craft is a delightful activity ideal for preschoolers and kindergartners, but suitable for children of all ages.

Even toddlers can join in the fun with gluing the tissue paper onto the templates. They will need a little assistance with cutting out the suncatchers though.

On the other hand, older children can independently take on this craft, showcasing their creativity and dexterity. Whether it’s a classroom group activity or a cozy family project at home, this craft is sure to be a hit with children of varying age groups.

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More Tissue Paper Crafts

If you’ve enjoyed our winter suncatcher crafts and are looking for more creative projects with tissue paper, you’re in luck! We have a variety of delightful and easy-to-follow tissue paper crafts for kids that you will love.

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Winter Suncatcher Craft Supplies

This delightful winter suncatcher craft utilizes common craft materials that you probably already have on hand at home or in the classroom.

You’ll need the winter hat and mitten craft template, which is available for free using the form at the end of this post.

Winter hat and mittens templates, tissue paper squares, scissors, and glue stick for craft project.

I suggest using regular printer paper for the template (not cardstock) as it’s thin enough for sunlight to filter through beautifully.

To bring your hat and mitten suncatchers to life, you’ll also need tissue paper in various colors. Consider using pre-cut tissue paper squares to make the process even simpler.

Lastly, you’ll need glue to adhere the tissue paper to your template and yarn to connect the mittens. We recommend using a glue stick, as it tends to be less messy and dries faster compared to liquid glue.

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How to Make a Winter Suncatcher Craft

To begin, print out the winter suncatcher craft template, which includes a winter hat and a pair of mittens. Opt for tissue paper in a delightful array of colors to let your creativity flourish. For a cool wintry vibe, I recommend using shades of blue, pink, and purple.

Next, invite the kids to either cut or tear the tissue paper into smaller pieces. Alternatively, you can provide them with pre-cut 1-inch squares of tissue paper.

mittens and hat winter suncatcher templates covered in assorted tissue paper colors.

Glue the tissue paper down, ensuring that the templates are completely covered. Don’t worry if they go beyond the outline.

Once the glue dries, carefully cut out the hat and mittens. If the tissue paper makes it difficult to see the outline, simply turn the paper over to see the black border more easily.

One mitten in different shades of blue cut out. Template flipped over to see the outline through the paper to cut out second mitten.

If you plan to laminate your suncatchers, do so before proceeding to the next step. Use a hole punch on the bottom of each mitten and cut a length of yarn (I used purple).

Winter hat and mittens suncatchers cut out. Mittens hole punched and tied together with purple yarn.

Tie the yarn to each mitten, connecting them. Finally, hang the hat and mittens in your window to add a touch of winter charm.

Finished winter themed suncatcher crafts made with tissue paper hanging in the window.

Tips for Hanging Tissue Paper Suncatchers

There are many awesome ways to display your beautifully crafted winter suncatchers and let the vibrant colors of the winter hat and mittens dance in the sunlight.

If you want a decoration that lasts, consider laminating your suncatchers using self-adhesive laminating sheets or a laminating machine. Once laminated, you can easily attach them to your windows using removable wall mounting tabs.

Or, if you’re looking for a quick and easy option, just use double-sided tape or create a loop with regular tape to stick the suncatcher directly onto the window.

More Winter Activities for Kids

Embrace the magic of the season with a wide range of indoor winter-themed activities. To keep your children engaged and entertained during these colder months, here are some more exciting ideas for you to explore.

Check out the super fun Snowman Button Counting activity for your kids! It’s a great way to mix creativity and number learning. This interactive exercise boosts their craft skills and strengthens basic math concepts.

Winter sensory bins provide a hands-on, immersive experience, stimulating a child’s sense of touch, sight, and sometimes even smell. This creative play not only entertains but also helps children understand the unique characteristics of the winter season, making it a must-try winter activity.

Another entertaining indoor activity can be getting silly with our printable winter Would You Rather questions. This fun game, filled with hilarious and thought-provoking choices, is perfect for a family night in or a casual classroom party. These question cards can serve as a fantastic icebreaker and conversation stimulator too.

winter suncatcher crafts featuring a hat and mittens are covered in tissue paper and cut out laying on a table.

Books About Winter for Kids

The combination of reading and crafting is a wonderful choice for kids’ activities. Not only do they ignite children’s imaginations, but they also foster the development of various skills and cultivate a love for learning. Encourage your little ones to delve deeper into the enchantment of winter with these top-rated books.

The Snowy Day Board BookThe Snowy Day Board BookThe MittenThe MittenOver and Under the SnowOver and Under the Snow


The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats: This enchanting book, recipient of the prestigious Caldecott Medal, beautifully captures the sheer delight and awe of a child experiencing the magic of their very first snowfall. Through the eyes of Peter, young readers will embark on a captivating journey filled with thrilling adventures in the snow, while also resonating with his longing to preserve a small piece of winter for later.

The Mitten” by Jan Brett: In this timeless story, a misplaced mitten transforms into a snug sanctuary for an array of animals, each larger than the previous. Brett’s exquisite artwork adds to the visual delight, perfectly complementing the tale’s subtle wit and heartwarming finale.

Over and Under the Snow” by Kate Messner: Embark on a captivating journey through the winter woods in this book, where children explore the hidden lives of animals beneath the snowy landscape. With a delightful blend of adventure and educational insights, it sparks curiosity about the fascinating world of winter wildlife. Perfect for young minds eager to discover the secrets of nature’s snowy embrace.

Fun Winter Crafts for Kids

Keeping your little ones creatively stimulated during the colder months doesn’t have to be a daunting task. There’s an abundance of fun winter crafts to help in developing fine motor skills and encouraging creativity. Here are more exciting winter craft ideas for you to try with your children.

As we delve into the heart of winter, let’s welcome the frosty days with a burst of creativity and warmth. We hope this charming winter suncatcher craft idea ignites a spark of inspiration and brings a touch of winter magic to your home or classroom. The enchantment lies within each unique creation, so don’t forget to grab our template and let your imagination take flight.

Winter hat and mittens suncatchers cut out. Mittens hole punched and tied together with purple yarn.

Winter Suncatcher Craft

Yield: 1 set
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 17 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $5 or less

Add some extra sparkle to your home with this fun winter suncatcher craft. No contact paper needed, just tissue paper and creativity! Perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners.


  • Winter Suncatcher Craft Template
  • Assorted Tissue Paper
  • Printer Paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Yarn


  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors


  1. Print out the winter suncatcher craft template.
  2. Cut or rip different colors of tissue paper into smaller pieces.
  3. Glue tissue paper onto the template, completely covering the hat and mittens.
  4. Set aside to dry.
  5. Cut out the suncatchers. If you are planning to laminate them, do so now.
  6. Then use hole punch at the bottom of each mitten and connect the pair with a piece of yarn. Finally, hang them in the window.


Laminate your suncatchers to create lasting decorations. Removable wall mounting tabs make hanging laminated suncatchers easy!

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