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Snowflake Suncatcher Craft

Are you ready to bring a bit of winter magic indoors? This snowflake suncatcher craft is just the thing! It’s a delightful addition to our collection of winter crafts for kids that is sure to captivate their imagination.

Easy to create with tissue paper, this suncatcher is designed in the shape of a delicate snowflake, perfect for dressing up windows at home or school. Aside from being a fun, hands-on activity, it also aids in developing fine motor skills among children. Best of all, we offer a free printable template to make this craft even more effortless and enjoyable.

Completed tissue paper snowflake suncatcher laying on table and in a window during winter.

This snowflake suncatcher craft is not just an enchanting decor piece; it’s also a fantastic, easy-to-follow activity that kids will absolutely love. It’s an ideal project for groups, fostering creativity as children create their own magical winter wonderlands.

This craft could become the star attraction of a winter-themed art center or be included in a snow unit study, making learning interactive and fun. So why wait? Let’s welcome the winter season with this delightful, kid-friendly craft activity.

Is This Craft Suitable For Children of All Ages?

Absolutely! This snowflake suncatcher craft is designed to be enjoyable and accessible for children of all ages.

Its simplicity allows even toddlers to participate, working on ripping and gluing pieces of tissue paper onto the template. However, the younger ones may require a bit of assistance when it comes to cutting out the snowflake shape.

On the other hand, older kids can complete this project entirely on their own. No matter the age, this craft provides a wonderful opportunity for children to express their creativity, practice their fine motor skills, and make a beautiful piece of art to display during the winter season.

Close view of snowflake shaped suncatcher made with tissue paper in a snowy window.

Benefits of Making This Snowflake Suncatcher Craft

Creating this snowflake suncatcher craft offers a plethora of learning and developmental benefits for children.

It’s an engaging way to enhance fine motor skills, as kids take part in cutting out the snowflake templates and attaching the tissue paper. The small, precise movements required for these tasks are beneficial for strengthening hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

Furthermore, the craft stimulates creativity and decision-making skills, as children choose and coordinate the colors of the tissue paper, and formulate their unique designs.

This fosters a sense of artistic freedom and encourages self-expression. This craft is a delightful blend of fun, creativity, and skill-building, making it an excellent choice for a craft activity.

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More Suncatcher Crafts

Our collection of suncatcher crafts extends beyond snowflakes, offering a delightful array of fun and creative projects that your children will love. These tissue paper crafts for kids are designed to be easy to make, requiring only basic materials that you likely already have on hand.

The charming outcomes of these crafts serve as a wonderful, colorful decoration for your windows, filling your home with vibrant patterns when the sun shines through. Each project provides an opportunity for children to express their creativity, enhance their fine motor skills, and engage in a fun and rewarding activity.

Snowflake craft template printed out with assorted small squares of tissue paper, glue stick, and scissors along it.

Snowflake Suncatcher Craft Supplies

This delightful Snowflake Suncatcher project utilizes common craft materials that you probably already have at home or in a classroom setting.

All that’s required is the snowflake craft template, which is readily available for free. Simply fill out the form provided at the end of this post to get your template. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even draw your own!

For the material of the template, we suggest using regular printer paper, as it’s thin enough for sunlight to filter through beautifully.

To bring your snowflakes to life, you’ll need tissue paper in various colors. To make the process even simpler, consider using pre-cut tissue paper squares.

Lastly, you’ll need glue to adhere the tissue paper to your template. We recommend using a glue stick, as it tends to be less messy and dries faster compared to liquid glue.

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How to Make a Tissue Paper Snowflake Suncatcher Craft

Begin by printing out the snowflake craft template and gathering all the necessary supplies. Opt for tissue paper in a delightful array of colors, allowing your creativity to flourish. For a cool wintry vibe, I recommend using shades of blue, pink, and purple.

Next, invite the kids to either cut or tear the tissue paper into smaller pieces. Alternatively, you can provide them with pre-cut 1-inch squares of tissue paper.

Snowflake template covered in blue and pink tissue paper.

Apply glue to the snowflake template and cover it with the tissue paper. Don’t worry if the tissue paper pieces extend beyond the outline; the excess will get trimmed away.

Tissue paper covered snowflake template cut out of the paper.

Allow sufficient time for the glue to dry completely before carefully cutting out the snowflake. If the tissue paper makes it challenging to see the outline, simply flip the paper over to see the black border easier. Your beautiful creation is now ready to be proudly displayed in the window.

What Is The Best Way to Hang the Finished Suncatcher?

There are several ways to showcase your beautifully crafted snowflake suncatchers, allowing their radiant colors to dance in the winter sunlight.

For a lasting decoration that you can enjoy year after year, consider laminating your suncatchers using self-adhesive laminating sheets or a laminating machine. Once laminated, you can easily attach them to your windows using removable wall mounting tabs.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a quick and straightforward method, simply use double-sided tape or create a loop with regular tape to stick the suncatcher directly onto the window.

If you prefer a hanging display, use a hole punch to create a hole at the top of the suncatcher, then thread a loop of string through the hole. No matter which method you choose, these snowflake suncatchers will look pretty when the sun shines through.

Snowflake tissue paper suncatcher in the window with lots of snow outside.

More Winter Activities for Kids

Don’t let the cold weather put a damper on your little ones’ creativity! There’s a whole world of winter-themed activities that can be done indoors, capturing the magic of the season. Below are some additional ideas to keep your children engaged and entertained during the chilly months.

Books About Winter for Kids

Reading and crafting are a perfect match when it comes to kids’ activities. They not only stimulate children’s imaginations but also help in developing a variety of skills and a love for learning. Encourage your little ones to explore the magic of winter even further with these highly-rated books.

The Snowy Day Board BookThe Snowy Day Board BookThe MittenThe MittenOver and Under the SnowOver and Under the Snow


“The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats: This Caldecott Medal-winning book captures the joy and wonder of a child’s first snowfall. Young readers will identify with Peter’s day filled with adventures in the snow and his desire to save a little bit of winter for later.

“The Mitten” by Jan Brett: In this classic tale, a lost mitten becomes a cozy refuge for a multitude of wild animals, each one larger than the last. Brett’s exquisite illustrations make this a visual treat, complementing the tale’s gentle humor and endearing conclusion.

“Over and Under the Snow” by Kate Messner: This book takes children on a cross-country ski trip through the winter woods to discover the secret world of animals living under the snow. It’s a fantastic blend of adventure and learning, perfect for sparking curiosity about winter wildlife.

Fun Winter Crafts for Kids

Keeping your little ones creatively stimulated during the colder months doesn’t have to be a daunting task. There’s an abundance of fun winter crafts to help in developing fine motor skills and encouraging creativity. Here are more exciting winter craft ideas for you to try with your children.

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We hope you feel inspired by these engaging activities. Nothing compares to the joy on your child’s face when they craft their own snowflake suncatcher. It’s an easy, fun-filled, and educational experience that will keep them entertained while honing their fine motor skills. It’s the perfect mix of creativity, education, and winter bliss. Don’t forget to share these delightful winter craft ideas with others too!

Tissue paper covered snowflake template cut out of the paper.

Snowflake Suncatcher Craft

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 17 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $5 or less

Looking for a fun and easy winter craft to do with your kids? Check out our snowflake suncatcher craft complete with free printable template! Perfect for developing fine motor skills and ideal for preschoolers or older kids. Make it at home or in the classroom for a great addition to any winter themed art center.


  • Snowflake Craft Template
  • Assorted Tissue Paper
  • Printer Paper
  • Glue Stick


  • Scissors


  1. Print out the snowflake craft template.
  2. Cut or rip tissue paper into smaller pieces. Collage of tissue paper snowflake suncatcher craft tutorial steps.
  3. Glue tissue paper onto template, covering the snowflake completely.
  4. Set aside to dry.
  5. Cut out the snowflake and hang in the window.

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Friday 28th of June 2024

Hi Eilleen, please fill out the form near the end of the post that says "get the snowflake suncatcher printable craft template" and it will be emailed to you automatically. Thanks!

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